No startup after crash during software update

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Philipp E. Imhof, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Hi!

    I am having trouble with an iMac running 10.3. We lost power during
    a software update and upon reboot, well, it did not reboot.

    When booting in single-user mode, I can see that there must be
    something wrong with openssl.0.9.6.dylib -- maybe the file got

    As softwareupdate also accesses this lib, I cannot just continue the
    update in order to solve the problem. Anyway, I cannot believe that
    this could possibly break an OS X system, as in my opinion OS X is
    rather stable and solid.

    Does anyone know how I can repair the system without a complete
    re-install? I thought of "telling" the applications to use the old
    version of the lib until the update is finished, could that work?

    Thank you for your help.

    Kind regards

    Philipp E. Imhof, Sep 5, 2005
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