No Updates for ITE Gigaraid Controller, last time I will ever buy a Gigabyte MoBo..

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Karen Parker, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Karen  Parker

    Karen Parker Guest

    Seems that Gigabyte does not support it users at all.

    The best support I have had was from ASUS.

    Have noticed the the ITE Gigaraid ITE Controler has had many Updates since the
    MoBo came out..

    MoBo Bios is 1.38 ___ ITE list

    Gigabyte Driver ITE Lists

    Bios Dates from ITE..
    IT8212 External BIOS History

    Version History Date 1. First release 02/18/’03 1. Set feature and get proper timing for all the storage devices
    on IT8212.
    2. Bug fix for Acer 40x CDROM.
    3. Bug fixed: INT13h can’t be hooked on one Compaq PC.
    4. If error bit still on after drive select, send command anyway.
    5. Add 4 seconds delay before first time access HDDs. 03/26/’03 1. Bug fixed: the drive letters of same channel’s master and
    slave drives are exchanged.
    2. Return ax=110h instead of 100h when leaving BIOS initial routine.
    3. Modify cable type detection.
    4. Bug fixed: DMA transfer failure on certain main boards. 06/09/’03 1. Always boot from 8212 HDD when using Phoenix BIOS
    07/22/’03 1. No change 10/01/’03 1. Bug fixed: for Gigabyte VIA chipset MB, fail to boot
    from secondary HDD.
    2. Bug fixed: bootable CD cannot boot on some main boards and CD-ROMs.
    02/25/’04 1. Shorten devices scan time.
    2. Hard disks attached on IT8212 can be shown in system BIOS’s hard disk
    boot priority list. 06/02/’04

    IT8212 Device Driver History

    Version History Date
    1.0 1. First release 09/25/2002
    1.1 1. Bug Fix: Wrong IdentifyData are set during S3 power up
    2. Feature Change: don’t show IT8212 Controller as bad device on Device
    Manager panel even there is no HD attached on IT8212 Controller.
    1.2 1. Bug Fix: On Windows 98/ME, the VxD which handles the power
    management of IT8212 Adapter will conflict with some other devices.
    12/04/2002 1. Add Feature: Support ATAPI devices.
    2. Bug Fix: Support dynamic disk. 02/20/2003 1. Bug Fix: Cannot play Audio CD in Windows ME when running on
    DMA mode.
    2. Bug Fix: Support some devices which interrupt with the assertion of
    DRQ after receiving ATAPI Packet Command.
    3. Bug Fix: Check the two channels to see whether the IBM buggy disk
    attached on the slave, and no Master attached on the related channel. We must
    skip all reset commands if the above conditions exist. 03/26/2003 1. Bug fix: Cannot format LS-120 disk in Windows XP.
    2. Bug fix: Cannot recognize CD-RW in Windows XP.
    3. Bug fix: Support IDE SMART commands in pure IDE mode. 04/22/2003 1. Bug fix: Support VCD playback in Windows ME. 06/10/2003 1. Bug Fix: S4 resume failure on certain MB. 10/02/2003 1. Bug Fix: NU 8x DVD write failure when running UDMA mode.
    2. Bug fix: several hard disks format pretty slow when capacity exceeds
    130GB. 02/24/1004 1. Bug fix: S3 resume failed sometimes.
    2. Shorten format time. 06/02/’04
    Karen Parker, Aug 19, 2004
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  2. Karen  Parker

    Mal Guest

    The difference is that those updates are for the seperate ITE Raid
    controller board, what you have is built into the motherboard. Even though
    it uses the same chipset it is actually different which is proved if you try
    and use the ITE raid bios update and it doesn't detect the hardware.

    Mal, Aug 20, 2004
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  3. Karen  Parker

    Karen Parker Guest

    But the Updates still count..

    Read the FAQ.
    Karen Parker, Aug 20, 2004
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