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No 'video' in player window, on TV... (can 'nobody' offer a solution?)

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by VIDiot, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. VIDiot

    VIDiot Guest

    VIDiot here...

    I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, I've posted the same msg,
    with different subjects, and have only had 1 reply... surely 'someone'
    has the answer to my trivial little problem... (or maybe nobody knows
    the answer?).

    Problem; cannot see 'videos' play on TV (yet they appear OK on the
    monitor) using "Clone" view... (fixed this once before, on another
    system, cannot seem to figure it out now, on my own system nor the old

    Detailed description of the problem:

    When I play a video, I can see it fine on my monitor, but, it appears
    as a black-window on my TV. I can switch to TV+analog, and it'll appear
    on the TV, but then, it won't appear on the PC. I do alot of viewing and
    editing and I often review my work on the TV, instead of sitting at the
    PC for hrs at a time, so it's kind of a pain having to continuously
    switch views. I had this same problem on my son's PC, and fixed it once,
    (this was before I gave it to him, so he doesn't use the TV-out
    feature), but I cannot seem to recall what I did in the settings, to fix
    the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

    The card I'm using is a geforce FX 5200 w/256mb DDR.

    Here's what I found when I searched for a solution:

    Desktop > properties > settings > advanced > GeForce Tab > Additional
    properties > Overlay Control > Mirror control

    However, after re-installing 3-4 different driver versions, (including
    the latest update from the Chaintech website for the 'exact' model of
    card I bought from them), I "still" do-not see anything about "Mirror
    control" in my settings...

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    ....end of line.
    VIDiot, Feb 20, 2005
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  2. VIDiot

    deimos Guest

    It's a built-in Macrovision protection. You'll have to switch to the TV
    source only without displaying it on the monitor. I've had the same
    problem with an integrated ATI chip on my laptop. Same Macrovision that
    limits simultaneous composite output.
    deimos, Feb 20, 2005
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  3. VIDiot

    pete Guest

    I had this problem with a Sony laptop, the solution was to set the monitor
    to a lower res.
    Then the TV output worked lovely!
    pete, Feb 20, 2005
  4. VIDiot

    Frog Legs Guest

    I considered the possibility of macrovision being the source of the
    problem. A goggle search reveled that some of the older video cards
    killed the TV out video when a DVD was playing. To prevent copying
    DVD's the TV video out would need to be killed in single monitor mode,
    and it is not.

    I installed Pinnacle Studio 9 a month ago. Surprise, the TV out black
    box problem disappeared! A couple of weeks latter, for no apparent
    reason, the black box problem reappeared. Get this, at the same time
    the problem reappeared Studio 9 started giving me advisory notices
    that it did not recognize a valid video driver. This suggest to me a
    driver conflict or corrupted driver. Or maybe a corrupted registry

    But how to fix it without doing a clean Windows install?

    As a work around I have changed from clone mode to single monitor, and
    set up a hot key to switch between monitor and TV.
    Frog Legs, Feb 21, 2005
  5. VIDiot

    Granulated Guest

    do you have the same problem if you use "dualview" mode ?

    ) ___ ______
    (__/_____) /) (, / )
    / __ _ (/ _ /---( __ _/_ _
    / (_(_/ (_(__/ )_(_(_ ) / ____)(_(_/ (_(__/_)_
    (______) (_/ (
    Granulated, Feb 22, 2005
  6. VIDiot

    VIDiot Guest

    VIDiot here...

    I remember the 'install dualview' option being visible on the
    nVidia-icon's options, I'm pretty sure I went ahead and installed it,
    however, I don't see anything that sais 'dual view' now.

    ....end of line.
    VIDiot, Feb 25, 2005
  7. VIDiot

    Frog Legs Guest

    In dualview, if the video window straddles the two views, the video
    can be on the monitor or the TV, but not both.

    ( I am having the same problem as VIDiot.)
    Frog Legs, Feb 25, 2005
  8. Disable the use of overlays in yer media player and the video will
    appear on both displays.
    Sharanga Dayananda, Feb 25, 2005
  9. VIDiot

    VIDiot Guest

    VIDiot here....

    Here's a write up I did, in a reply, which is the closest I've come to
    the solution.

    write-up starts here
    I have been fighting the same issue for a long time, at one time, older
    drivers allowed me to select the right settings, but the newer drivers
    do not. There's no "quick fix" that I know of, but I "do" know of two
    ways to get around the problem.

    #1:nView display settings->Clone->TV+Analog

    This'll make the video-played visible on your TV, however, you won't see
    it on the PC's monitor. You can use the taskbar icon to do the
    (*Note: When you switch back, be SURE your TV is still showing the PC's
    desktop, because it'll try to detect the displays and turn off your
    computer's display if the TV isn't on anymore. Sucks, I know).

    #2: Dump WMP9 and use MPC (Media Player Classic), it's free, it's a
    GREAT video player, and it has alot of built-in codec+filter features!
    It's a modified version of WMP 6... has way-more features though.
    In Options->Playback->Output ... select: VMR9 (renderless)**

    The version you want can be found here:


    No installation needed! Just copy to where-ever you want, and run it! It
    works fine for me, but nobody has EVER come up with a solution to our
    problem... and I have asked and asked here, and there's been many
    suggestions but no real fix for this issue.

    ....end of line.
    VIDiot, Mar 15, 2005
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