No Video with WMP 7.1 and IE 5.1.7 - Audio Only

Discussion in 'Apple' started by James Harvey, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. James Harvey

    James Harvey Guest


    I'm getting audio only with Yahoo video. The Yahoo A/V window opens up, the
    stream is buffered, and the progress marker moves, but I only have the audio
    portion. The "screen" stays black the entire time. If I change Yahoo's
    preferences for playback, their Media Helper shows versions of WMP and
    RealPlayer I do not have, and doesn't keep the settings if I change them. I
    have the IE preferences set according to Yahoo's help screen. When I try to
    view videos with websites that play back in the browser window, nothing
    happens, or I get a "playlist format not recognized" error from IE. I have
    verfied that the proper plugins are in place for IE. Quicktime movies don't
    seem to be a problem. Maybe there's something I need to configure but I
    can't figure out what. I didn't seem to have this problem a while back when
    I was using IE 5. I even tried going back to IE 5, but the same stuff
    happens. I am using OS 9.2.2. Any help appreciated!

    James Harvey, Jun 21, 2004
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  2. James Harvey

    Don Bruder Guest

    You're probably trying to play "DRM-enhanced" files with a player
    version taht has no clue what DRM is about. (D)igital (R)ights
    (M)anagement-enabled players "phone home" for the key to decrypt the
    video. If you (and your machine) happen to be on the "OK, these folks
    can play it" list (by paying for access to it, by being part of a
    specified group, or by some other method of getting there that I can't
    dream up right now), you get the key handed to you, and the player can
    decode the data. Non-DRM-enabled players don't, and so they have no way
    to get the decrypt-key, and therefore, won't play the file, whatever it
    happens to be.

    I'd strongly suggest "just saying no" to anything DRM-enabled, since it
    is, IMO, nothing more than a new flavor of "spyware" - Every time you
    try to play the clip, whether legal, stolen, grey-market, or
    home-brewed, it has to go out and get the key, which means that whoever
    turned on the DRM stuff gets notified each and every time you try to
    play it, gets told about you and/or your hardware setup, probably gets
    info about how you're conencted to the 'net, and with that information,
    can easily track you around the 'net. Sooner or later, the clip is going
    to becom unplayable forever since the server that has the key is
    eventually going to either not have the key, be taken offline without
    being replaced, moved to someplace else that the clip has no knowledge
    of, or otherwise disabled as part of the normal mutation that happens in
    the existence of the 'net.

    DRM is, IMO, the single worst thing to happen to the internet since the
    gren card spam.
    Don Bruder, Jun 21, 2004
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  3. James Harvey

    James Harvey Guest

    I sort of doubt that everything I tried to play is DRM-enabled. Besides
    that, there is a DRM plug-in in the plug-in folder to handle this
    situation. so there must be something else going here.


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    James Harvey, Jun 22, 2004
  4. If they're using the latest wmv3 codec, then all one will get
    in OS X is the audio. AFAIK there is no way to play the video,
    no way to convert the video; no way in OS X at least.
    George Williams, Jun 22, 2004
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