Noisy Asus Pundit-R system

Discussion in 'Asus' started by dmo, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. dmo

    dmo Guest

    I've just bought and assembled an Asus Pundit-R system.

    I've installed a 2.8GHz P4 (Prescott), 1 GB of RAM, a 120GB WD Caviar drive
    and a Sony DVD-RW (whose tray will not fit through the gap in the front

    The system works fine, but the CPU fan is driving me to distraction. The CPU
    temp is stable at around 50 degrees, and the fan is stable at 5500RPM. It's
    incredibly noisy, similar to the noise a desk fan would make and well above
    Asus' website's claim of "27dBA in idle mode".

    I've tried everything I can in the Bios - I've enabled/disabled Q-fan, I've
    tried increasing the fan temperature thresholds. I've updated the Bios
    (though I think the Bios I downloaded is the same as what was there
    originally, anyway).

    Has anyone got any suggestions for what I might be missing? Or can anyone
    recommend a replacement CPU fan (UK sourced)?
    dmo, Jun 9, 2004
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  2. dmo

    Gareth Jones Guest

    Sounds like you know what you're doing.
    Did the Q-fan make any difference? You said you'd tried it, but didn't
    say if it did anything. Should make quite a difference in noise......
    and quite a difference in CPU temp as well!
    If not - have you plugged it into the right socket??

    Isn't the pundit one of those rinky dinky micro AV type cases?
    You might have a job getting a big/quiet heatsink in there.
    I've used a Thermaltake SLK900 (or something) with a 92mm ultra quiet
    fan and its made a huge difference. But would it fit??? Out of the quiet
    types, its got a good chance - better than a circular Zalman type I'd
    have thought.

    Personal email for Gareth Jones can be sent to:
    'usenet4gareth' followed by an at symbol
    followed by 'uk2' followed by a dot
    followed by 'net'
    Gareth Jones, Jun 9, 2004
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  3. dmo

    GMAN Guest

    50 celcius is kinda on the warm side for the cpu.
    GMAN, Jun 10, 2004
  4. dmo

    Paul Guest

    It is interesting that the cpusupport web page, doesn't have an
    entry for the P4S8L motherboard in that thing. The manual refers
    to using a "2.8+" GHz FSB533 processor, but it also refers to
    Willemette and Northwood. Now, a Northwood processor, as
    found on under the P4 entries, lists
    a power rating of 68 watts (2.8/533/512KB). A Prescott processor,
    on the other hand, draws 89 watts. The power supply in the Pundit
    is only rated for 200W, and the power converter on the motherboard
    is only two phase. I think what I'm saying is, the Prescott is
    one hot processor to be using in a small enclosure like that.

    Paul, Jun 10, 2004
  5. dmo

    dmo Guest

    It made no difference to the noise or temperatures, sadly :-/
    The fan only has a standard power connector to hook into the CPU fan header
    on the motherboard. So it's in the right place, alright.
    Yup, it's a cute little thing.

    There is a sort of duct-thing installed on top of the CPU fan, so Im pretty
    optimistic I'd get a reasonable size fan on there. I'm still puzzled at how
    such a small PC can make so much noise :)
    dmo, Jun 10, 2004
  6. dmo

    Lou Guest

    Most fans that I have heard spining at 5500rpm are well above 27dba. That
    must be the noise level with the fan at low speed. I have an Asus K8V MB
    with Q-fan and the fan will go from max speed when hot (55c) to off when
    below about 40c.
    I dont use Q-fan though because I dont like the changing fan speed noise and
    I have a Zalman 7000Acu HSF so I can keep it on low. Zalman makes good HSF's
    but they are very big.
    Seems like maybe your heat sink never gets the CPU cool enough to allow
    Q-fan to slow the fan down. Are you using a "stock" HSF? You might get
    away with using a fan adaptor to mount a larger fan that will cool at a
    slower speed but it might not fit in your case. Seems like a better heat
    sink might be needed also, but the best quiet ones are usually large.

    Lou, Jun 10, 2004
  7. dmo

    Adam S Guest

    I have a Pundit system and it is almost silent. It has been from day one
    too, so something is not right with yours.

    My system is used as a jukebox through my Hi-Fi and is powered on for most
    of the day almost every day, I have never had it make any intrusive noise at
    all. Then again just using it to store and play music does not stress the
    CPU too much :), I have a 2GHz Celeron, 256Mb of PC2700, a Maxtor 120GB
    drive ans an old Creative 8speed CD burner in there.

    When I start the PC up the CPU fan spins up and is quite loud, but as soon
    as the POST beep happens it appears to slow down and I can no longer hear it
    unless I put my ear near the case. If your Pundit does not slow down at the
    POST beep I would be looking to RMA it for a new one.

    I can't remember if I enabled Q-fan or not, and as I'm away from it at the
    moment I can't check for you.

    Adam S
    Adam S, Jun 10, 2004
  8. dmo

    dmo Guest

    Ah, interesting.

    Yes, my fan spins up to full speed on power-on, then it goes quiet again.

    And then after the POST it becomes noisy again.

    I think I'll give the suppliers a call, I agree with you - something isn't
    quite right here.
    dmo, Jun 10, 2004
  9. dmo

    Adam S Guest

    Glad to be of service. At least you know what 'should' be happening.

    Adam S
    Adam S, Jun 10, 2004
  10. A 89 Watt CPU in a small box & 200 Watt PSU doesn't sound like a good
    combination. When stressed, the PSU also heats up and making matters
    Johannes H Andersen, Jun 10, 2004
  11. dmo

    dmo Guest

    They've suggested Arctic Silver.

    I'll try it, but I'm not optimistic.
    dmo, Jun 10, 2004
  12. dmo

    Tim Guest


    I really think it is a combination of small case, fast P4 chip, Hot P4
    Prescott chip, lots of heat dissipation, inadequate ventilation / cooling.
    IE the case just isn't designed for a higher dissipation chip such as the

    If you could swap the CPU out for a P4 2.8C (Northwood) then things may be a
    lot better. The pundit was released well before the Prescott, so the extra
    heat will not be helping it at all.

    50C is quite normal for a Prescott, 40C is quite normal for a Northwood with
    a correctly mounted CPU / HSF. Perhaps let your suppliers give a C chip a go
    and maybe they'll leave it in for you... It would be worth their effort as
    they will otherwise get (if that is the cause) a lot of complaints about

    - Tim
    Tim, Jun 10, 2004
  13. dmo

    dmo Guest

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your comments. I agree and I very much suspect you're right.

    On a point of principal, I refuse to accept the system 'as is' - Asus
    released a new version of the Pundit (the -R), and it says on their web site
    that it supports the Prescott chip at 3.2+GHz, and the machine is clearly
    marketed as being quiet.

    Now, if the thermal solution provided with the kit is not capable of running
    a 2.8 Prescott (never mind a 3.2) at a temperature that allows the machine
    to run quietly, then they're lying. Pure and simple.

    The fact that the supplier's techie described Asus' thermal material (on the
    base of their heatsink) as "awful" is hardly inspiring. Despite being
    "awful", they were still happy to sell me the kit, with the Prescott chip,
    without losing any sleep. They'd be quite happy to sell me some Arctic
    Silver to correct *their* mistake, but thankfully I've got some already.

    And having spent 5 (long and stressful) years in IT retail, I have
    absolutely zero tolerance for IT manufacturers, suppliers, and the industry
    as a whole. As I no longer have any appetite to mess around with computers,
    I ordered this setup because I reasoned that it would be quick to build and
    get working - no hassle.

    From my point of view, it's really sad to see that in the time since I left
    the IT industry, it still flaps around pathetically, completely failing to
    accommodate occasional-enthusiasts let alone novices. Researching and
    sourcing a system is hard enough work, without the inevitable pitfalls:
    manufacturers still don't mention if their products are compatible or
    incompatible with something ("yes, I know it's a pair of PC3200 Cas 2
    memory, but will it work with a bloody Athlon XYZ?"), suppliers still pass
    the buck onto manufacturers (who provide technical support at a rate
    surpassed even by carrier pigeons), and end-users are frankly treated like
    dirt. The burden of responsibility bizarrely lies with the consumer, rather
    than the suppliers and manufacturers!

    So tomorrow, I will try some Arctic Silver on this heatsink (which, in
    principal, I don't want to do - I'd just like to have the damn machine
    working for the weekend). If it still roars like a north wind afterwards,
    it's going to get tossed in a box and sent back. Back to square one...

    I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks for all your comments & suggestions.
    dmo, Jun 11, 2004
  14. dmo

    n Guest

    Hi Tim.

    I have the previous Pundit, with a 2.6Ghz P4. I use speedfan (google it) and
    the box
    sites at around 40 degrees and is almost silent. I also have a Asus T2-P
    with a 2.8Ghz
    Prescott P4. Speedfan doesn't work with this, so I have to use the awful
    Qfan in the bios.
    It a) runs a lot hotter b)the fans rev up and down all the time, which is a
    right pain as when
    the fans kick-in it makes you jump a bit in a quiet office c) is slower,
    performance wise, than
    my little pundit. The pundit is like greased lightening compared to the
    T2-P, which is a shame
    as the P2-T has better memory and hard drive than the pundit (not to mention
    processor). I've faffed about with drivers, tweaking Bios etc, but I can't
    coax any more speed
    out of it.
    My conclusion - Prescott processors are a waste of space. Get a regular P4
    processor, download
    and run speedfan, and you will have a brilliant little box that is dead

    Good luck.
    n, Jun 11, 2004
  15. There is a sort of duct-thing installed on top of the CPU fan, so Im
    R U sure the cooler and the CPU make good contact? I had to lap it to
    make'em perform under 45° C.

    Giuseppe Carmine De Blasio, Jun 11, 2004
  16. dmo

    ArNeo Guest

    It is indeed a cute little thing, i have also a lot of noice from
    the pundit-r. The temp is stable and also the power voltages (idle and
    stressed). But there are some strange things with it.

    I get sudden reboots on 2 Pundit-R's i bought. I think it's a software
    A "Driver was the couse" that is what windows xp(pro) says .. *sight

    Another 1, if you want to mount a s-ata drive, you have to connect the drive
    with a lot of stress on the sata-cable. If you flip the drive over (upside-
    down) the problem is solved, but now you can't mount the HDD

    Dual-VGA with the ati-9100 card does NOT work. The previous version did !!
    Wake-up on lan (WOL) not implemented. The previous version did !!

    Well for the noice reduction i would suggest watercooling

    I'm sending my systems back becouse of all this and go for the T2 pro
    ArNeo, Jul 23, 2004
  17. dmo

    ArNeo Guest

    Well this problem kept me up all night... talking and reading about it in the
    newsgroups and forums.

    I yust tried some idea of a friend of mine .. and it supprised me that it was
    not ddr400 memory in the systems (both 800fsb cpu's).

    All the resetting problems are gone, with twinmos ddr333 it took not longer
    than 1minute for me to let it "sudden-reboot".

    With Twinmos ddr400, i tested it again .. with starting around 39 explorers
    3 outlooks, 4 custom programs, all office programs, around 2 dosen other
    programs that i could find.. and then ran a burnintest program (bitpro).

    Well it kept working .. Strangely enough the same ddr333 is in a Asus T2-r
    The same processor and HDD, and this does not showup any problems ...
    clearly the chipset/bios software is not entirely at it's best.

    ArNeo, Jul 23, 2004
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