Non-Roman Characters Garbled in Babel Fish in Firefox on Mac OS X

Discussion in 'Apple' started by qquito, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. qquito

    qquito Guest

    Hello, Everyone:

    I use Firefox on a Mac OS X machine. Previously, I was able to use Babel Fish to translate Russian, Chinese or Greek words/sentences/texts into English, and had used it many times before. But today I was dismayed when the input Russian text (in Cyrillic alphabet) and Chinese text (in Chinese characters) were turned into garbled characters (such as "& #1050; & #1080;") and the output result turned into the same thing.

    And if I let Babel Fish translate some English text into one of those languages, it produces only a blank space.

    Could anyone tell what the problem is? Where can I get help?

    Many Thanks!
    qquito, Mar 1, 2012
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  2. qquito

    Patty Winter Guest

    You're talking about, right?

    I don't use it myself (I use Google Translate), but I just tried it
    and got similar results. I pasted in a couple of Chinese sentences,
    and when I clicked Translate, both the text in the entry box and
    the resulting English turned into codes as you described.

    I got the same result. Tried again with European languages and those
    worked fine.

    I'm using FF 10.0.2, btw.

    You don't mention whether you tried other browsers. I just tried
    Safari and it was fine. So you might check FF forums for reports
    of similar problems.

    Patty Winter, Mar 1, 2012
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  3. qquito

    qquito Guest

    Patty, thank you for your test and input!

    I tried "Google Translate" with Firefox, and it works fine. I also tried Yahoo! Babel Fish on "Safari", it also works without any problem. So I have other options while the problem persists.

    I went to the Firefox Support Forum and found that a number of people have had the same problem, and no solution has been found yet. --R.
    qquito, Mar 3, 2012
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