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Normal Northbridge Temp for MSI Neo2-FIS2R ?

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by Bryan L, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Bryan L

    Bryan L Guest

    The temp of my northbridge is averaging about 59 °C, which seems high to me.
    Can anyone with this MB report what their NB temps are?

    I'm trying to determine whether my numbers are atypical before I start
    physically messing around with the hsf. The NB fan is among the noisiest in
    my system, since it's so small and therefore runs over 6000 rpm. I'd like
    to get it running a bit quieter, but don't want to compromise adequate
    cooling. The northbridge is close enough to the CPU hsf that I can't change
    the northbridge's hsf. I'm not overclocking yet (2.6 GHz P4, 2x512MB PC3500
    Crucial), but plan to.


    Bryan L, Oct 27, 2003
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  2. Bryan L

    TG Guest

    I'm trying to put together a similar rig and have a similar question.
    I'm looking at an MSI 865PE NEO2-FIS2R (might be an 875P or Neo2-LS)
    with Corsair TwinX1024-4000 and an OEM P2.6c.

    First, what's the concensus on this mobo? Tom's Hardware gives it
    high marks, especially for OCing.

    Does anyone know of issues with specific HSF's and these mobos? I've
    seen boards where you can't use lots of fans because on-board
    capacitors or other stuff get in the way.

    I've gone through every post in this ng for the last couple months and
    I'm confused about CPU cooling. I'm thinking about getting the Vantec
    AeroFlow. It gets good reviews as far as temp/noise balance, but user
    comments here and elsewhere seem to be 50/50 at best. The biggest
    complaint is vibration, or people want to substitute the stock TMD fan
    with something else.

    I can't find a single website that profile current cooling devices
    (air, water, passive...) along with average retail pricing. I'm
    willing to plunk down about US$80 immediately for a good cooling
    system, but this is a major research project. Anyone notice the HSF
    reviews at TH, overclockers.com, and other sites are pretty old? And
    TH labels most reviews as AMD HSF's, though some items are
    coincidentally for P4 as well. Is this because there's nothing new
    under the sun in cooling except water? Are cooling companies shifting
    focus to Jet engine design rather than to better quality within this
    technology line?

    Recommendations to good info sites, product reviews, etc are welcome,
    I'll do my research but a lot of these sites so far lead to nothing

    TG, Oct 29, 2003
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  3. Bryan L

    Skid Guest

    Can't help you with the mobo choice. I'm quite happy with my Abit IC7.

    I read the same hsf reviews as you and ordered the Aeroflow for $23 with
    free shipping from www.11cb.com

    Never had a vibration problem. Once on a cold morning a few days after I got
    it, the TMD failed to spin up and the fan shutdown warning prevented the
    system from booting. Had to pop the case and tap it with a finger. Never a
    problem since.

    The innovative design does a good job for a compact cooler, reducing idle
    temp on my overclocked P4 from about 50C to 47C and max under torture
    testing dropped from about 70C to 60C. (The Abit boards are known to read
    about 10C higher than most others, and those were summer temps in front of
    an open window.)

    Noise is slightly less than the stock Intel unit. Running at full speed you
    can hear it, but it is nowhere near the vacuum-cleaner howl of the Delta
    Black Label screamer I used in my previous AMD box.

    As you mentioned, there's not a lot of R&D going into PC cooling these days.
    Huge copper blocks and Rube Golberg water mazes are in vogue.

    Zalman's Copper Flowers get good reviews, but they don't fit on a lot of

    After looking over the choices, I bought the Vantec Aeroflow and put it in
    an Antec Sonata case ventilated by 120 mm intake and exhaust fans. Not
    silent, but works quite well.
    Skid, Oct 29, 2003
  4. TG wrote:
    For a good roundup of air coolers:
    Michael Brown, Oct 30, 2003
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