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norton ghost 2002: trying to ghost an os config to a larger partition

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by John Toliver, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. John Toliver

    John Toliver Guest


    First of all sorry if this was the wrong group to post to but I need
    some help. I have spent a while configuring my windows 2000 system
    properly where all of my software works the way it needs to. I have a
    20 gig drive partitioned 4 ways. 1 is a 3gig fat32 drive which I use
    as my "install" partition. All my programs I copied to this partition
    so they would load faster than cd rom installs next I have 2 8gig
    partitions each with the os configured the way I wanted. What I would
    do is experiment with a configuration and if it worked I would then
    ghost it from one 8gig partition to the other 8gig partition for safe
    keeping. The last partition is just 1 gig and I use this drive for
    backing up emails security keys and settings, etc. the 3 gig and the
    1 gig partitions are fat32 so I can get to them from dos while the two
    8gigs are ntfs. Now that I have the systen configured perfectly I
    wish to buy say an 80 or 120 gb hd and ghost the working ntfs
    partition to a new, larger partition, say 40 gigs and basically
    duplicate the drive configuration just on a larger partition. I have
    read conflicting threads some say I can others say I can't with norton
    ghost 2002. Is this possible? If so I just need to be made aware of
    any cautions. The data is more important than the drives so I can't
    risk losing it but the hdd s getting old. Any ideas?

    If this is not with norton ghost 2002 then which software will do it?
    norton ghost 2003 or 200whatever?

    Thanks in advance.

    John Toliver, Sep 11, 2004
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