Not Dell? So whom else to buy from? Suggestions PLEASE...

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Thomas G. Marshall, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. Dell seems to be pissing off people left and right.

    Does anyone here have any comments about whom, or whom not to use instead?
    Thomas G. Marshall, Feb 27, 2004
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  2. Thomas G. Marshall

    joe_tide Guest

    Any company that sells as much stuff as Dell does is bound to get
    unsatisfied customers. It's just pure volume. I have been happy with Dell.

    The best part is you rarely need tech support. Of all the Dell's I have
    bought, I only had to contact them once.
    joe_tide, Feb 27, 2004
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  3. Thomas G. Marshall

    Bob Guest

    I have several Dell computers ( 4 desktops and 1 laptop ) no problems. But,
    I did just purchase an IBM ThinkPad T41p, and so far have been more than
    pleased with their product and service. They made me an offer I could not
    refuse and then the salesman emailed me 3 days later saying they had been
    reduced another 10% and he was crediting my account. Can't beat that for

    Bob, Feb 28, 2004
  4. Thomas G. Marshall

    Jay Bollyn Guest

    We had other vendors before Dell. Dell is much better than any of them, and
    this opinion is based on purchasing lots and lots of stuff over several
    Jay Bollyn, Feb 28, 2004
  5. Thomas G. Marshall

    Irene Guest

    We were lucky enough to have a shop near us that custom builds computers for
    small businesses. We went that route and have been extremely satisfied. The
    cost was about $350 more than a comparable high end Dimension 8300. But
    during business hours we have a tech that we can stand in front of if we so
    choose. We don't have to "jump through hoops" for some one in India.
    The only problem we have had was a video card that went flaky on us one
    morning. He was there in less than two hours and replaced it with a NEW
    card, not a refurbished one.
    Irene, Feb 28, 2004
  6. Thomas G. Marshall

    Paul Knudsen Guest

    Could build your own. Check out the latest Computer Shopper for a
    good article on it. I'm intrigued enough to consider it sometime in
    the future.
    Paul Knudsen, Feb 28, 2004
  7. Thomas G. Marshall

    dennis Guest

    Call Gateway, speak to American salespersons not a out-sourced help from
    India. Don't settle for a answer like "Any company that sells as much
    stuff as Dell does is bound to get unsatisfied customers. It's just pure
    volume." That's a cop out Gateway or Dell they both use the "exact" same
    processors, hard drives, CDRW, DVD manufactories, video card
    manufactures. Neither makes any components, they assemble them from the
    same companies. I tried to order a system on the 27th and it was messed
    up in three orders. I have 3 emails from Dell to confirm my order. Each
    one is constructed improperly with wrong combo DVD & SOUND CARDS. In
    three tries they couldn't get it close.
    dennis, Feb 28, 2004
  8. Understood, but that's the problem right there: "over /several/ years".
    Forget the /several/ years, and lets concentrate on this year.

    I also remember the good history of Dell. I previously purchased a dell in
    1998 because of all the good luck that I've seen with my company at the time
    with them over many other manufacturers. Their service was unparalleled. I
    was a strong believer until I just found out that /very/ recently their
    service seemed to have fallen off a cliff. Some stories from this ng.
    Others from the news itself. Dell seems to be using overseas help-companies
    which transfer people all over the place leaving the problem unresolved for
    even hours at a time. Channel 7 in boston out here just did a story on just
    this latested Dell trait.

    And add to that my own personal, albeit relatively minor, issue, yesterday:

    1. Back on 18-Feb-04 I order a Dimension 2400 online for $1428
    2. on 23-Feb-04 I discover that I can do better with dell by carefully
    putting together a 4600 or even 8300 system for about the same $$. So I
    call up, ask if I can cancel.
    2b. Dell says that I can cancel with no problem, and issues me a
    cancellation reference number.
    3. on 26-Feb-04 I get an email from Dell that my system shipped anyway
    4. and they charged my card $1428.
    5. I called them and they transfered me around. Person to person. On the
    4th person, the only one without BROKEN ENGLISH, they apologized for
    shipping the product even though canceled, and they confirmed that the only
    way to get my money back is to refuse shipment when it arrives, and even
    then when it returns to Dell it can then take up to 30 days to get the money
    credited back to my card. But she said she would try to "expidite" things
    if at all possible.
    6. As a token of apology she did offer me a coupon code worth $100 off my
    next purchase at dell.
    Thomas G. Marshall, Feb 28, 2004
  9. I've "heard" that gateway has troubles as well. Have you any track record
    with them?

    The only place I heard that was over the radio on one of those "business
    horror stories" shows that said words to the effect of "gateway and (some
    other brand) are the worst!"

    Not worth much, but words like that then to resound in me noggin...
    Thomas G. Marshall, Feb 28, 2004
  10. REALLY?!

    How far off the mark is IBM in price these days I wonder, do you know? They
    have traditionally always been a hefty percentage higher than most of the
    others in the past. I'll go investigate them, thanks!
    Thomas G. Marshall, Feb 28, 2004
  11. Thomas G. Marshall

    joe_tide Guest

    It amazes me how somebody can screw up something as simple as ordering a
    computer on line. I ordered an 8300 last Saturday night. On Wednesday UPS
    delivered it to my door exactly as I had it configured.

    The last 8300 I ordered at the beginnging of November was delivered within 5
    days too, exactly as I ordered it. Same experience with the 4500 and the
    4550 I ordered too.
    joe_tide, Feb 28, 2004
  12. Thomas G. Marshall

    Hank Arnold Guest

    You are in a Dell newsgroup asking what else to buy?? Now *that's*
    Hank Arnold, Feb 28, 2004
  13. Thomas G. Marshall

    WSZsr Guest

    And you couldn't get it right ordering online? Ask your mamma to help.
    WSZsr, Feb 28, 2004
  14. Thomas G. Marshall

    KevinONeil Guest

    KevinONeil, Feb 28, 2004
  15. Thomas G. Marshall

    Acadia Guest

    Acadia, Feb 28, 2004
  16. Thomas G. Marshall

    moncho Guest

    Dell seems to be pissing off people left and right.
    The only thing with building your own computer is the software usually adds
    more to the cost of the computer, plus you have to deal with manufactures
    if something goes haywire. That is about the only reason that keeps me
    buying from Dell and the likes.

    I am leaning towards builing my own now that much of the software can be
    purchased on Ebay. If done right, Ebay can be a mighty friend...

    moncho, Feb 28, 2004
  17. Thomas G. Marshall

    Leythos Guest

    You know that what you typed didn't make sense? Why would you speak to
    out-sourced indian help if you called Sales at Dell - hint, you don't.
    Leythos, Feb 28, 2004
  18. Much of what you find on ebay are either oem cd's or oem cd's in disquise.
    I personally have no real issue with those but I'm aware of two issues:

    1. Buying OEM cd's is "supposed" to be
    Not A Good Thing To Do (tm). Not entirely
    sure why.

    2. OEM cd's more often than not have stripped
    down feature sets.

    Thomas G. Marshall, Feb 28, 2004
  19. I believe that the prior post to mine was about Dell goofing up, not he
    goofing up.
    Thomas G. Marshall, Feb 28, 2004
  20. Actually, I'm not so sure about that. Nearly everyone I speak to at Dell
    employs broken mid-eastern "english". Drives me freaking nuts.

    Add to that their ridiculous phone system that adds a 1/2 second delay every
    time they transfer. I spoke to someone at Dell about that and they
    described it as "{sigh} a real problem."

    I think the employees at Dell (or their outsourced whatevers) are feeling
    gun shy. Good. Maybe the trickle-up theory will work.
    Thomas G. Marshall, Feb 28, 2004
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