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Not sure why Xp pro won't load

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by Lightnen, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Lightnen

    Lightnen Guest

    Hi there everyone:
    Not sure if this is the right form for my Q's here but Hope so.
    I resently up dated my mother board to a " ECS 741GX-M with an AMD
    Athlon(tm) XP2600+ also has Exteded MMX, the power supply is or should be
    enough to power this MB at 400W.
    Now I've checked some of the other answers given to others but can't find
    why Xp is giveing me so much trouble, I've used this program before on my
    smaller MB's with AMD processors.
    I load window's 98SE then try to do an upgrade, have check to see first if
    there is any conficts with hard ware and it only says that some programs
    won't run (would need to up grade them as well which I've done in the past).
    I've tried a few ways already first just run Xp as an up grad and get
    message at end of install saying Windows can't run Xp because of "Window
    root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe" so we've checked to see if file is there which
    it is then tried to copy to Slave HD "i386" and get the following files
    won't copy:
    cyclod-Z.inf, cyclom-Y.inf., ninipl~1.wmz, headsp~1.wmz, utopia~1.wav,
    utopia~2.wav, utopia~3.wav, utopia~4.wav., sv-262el.png,sv262el3.png,
    sv-s62e4.png ;
    So the files here that would not copy we found and install manually and
    still Xp won't run.
    Does anyone else have any other Ideas on what to try. I'm at my wits end
    here and exhausted.. lol
    Any Help would be Greatly Appriciated..
    Lightnen, Jul 4, 2004
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  2. Lightnen

    Rubbie Guest

    Well you could try to boot from the XP cd (so it will start setup in DOS)
    and have a clean install of only windows XP pro. therefor you have to go
    into your bios and change the settings for "boot from: HD" to "boot from:
    CD" ;) A clean install is ALWAYS better then a upgrade installation.

    Greetz Rubbie
    Rubbie, Jul 4, 2004
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  3. Lightnen

    rstlne Guest

    Let winxp format the system and see if that helps
    rstlne, Jul 4, 2004
  4. Lightnen

    S.Heenan Guest

    Check the CD media for scratches. Check to see if the CD drive will read
    other discs. Run a memory test from a bootable floppy.

    S.Heenan, Jul 7, 2004
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