Now I'm pissed

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Tom Scales, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    I ordered TWO Inspiron 6000 laptops yesterday. So far it has been a fiasco.

    My estimated ship date is 10/18. I've been trying for two days to find out
    why. I emailed support yesterday and got a form letter back about
    cancelling my order. Worthless. I replied and asked them to actually READ
    my question. A live person replied (9 hours later) telling me that my ship
    date was 10/18.

    Uh, yeah, I knew that. Just replied to her asking her to actually READ the

    Called this afternoon. The person was absolutely worthless and transfered
    me to. Get this.

    A non-working extension.

    So, just got home. Called the number that the email said to call. Waited a
    little over an hour on hold. Guy answered the phone and I asked my
    question. He said: " just a moment".

    And hung up on me.

    So, I'm back on hold. They close in 41 minutes (I think) and I'd bet money
    that the phone system disconnects me then. I'm going to be with this nice
    music playing in the background. If they actually answer, it will wake me

    Sadly, I believe I have the answer to the question. I reconfigured the
    machine online, changing options one at a time. The only thing that blew up
    the ship date (from 9/16 to Unavailable) was the CPU choice. If they would
    answer the phone, I'd upgrade to a FASTER CPU and pay more money.

    So much for being a Dellbot.

    Tom Scales, Sep 8, 2005
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  2. Tom Scales

    Notan Guest

    After that comment, I'll bet Administrator just wet himself. <g>

    Notan, Sep 8, 2005
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  3. Tom Scales

    Irene Guest

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,

    Please excuse me, even though I really do hate when folks get shafted by
    Dell(or any company for that matter); I couldn't help but laughing.

    Now, please, think back on all the times you have blamed the poster for the
    problems they were having with Dell.
    Irene, Sep 8, 2005
  4. Tom Scales

    Notan Guest

    Make that Administrator *and* Irene! <G>

    Notan, Sep 8, 2005
  5. Tom Scales

    Irene Guest

    No accidents here, but I am STILL laughing. >gr<
    Irene, Sep 8, 2005
  6. Tom Scales

    Kevin Guest

    When I ordered my Dimension 4700 and my Inspiron 9300 back in June I also
    saw an estimated ship date on the Inspiron about 21 days from my order date.
    The ship date for the Dimension was about 15 or 16 days out, as I recall
    without looking at my shipping confirmation documentation. I got the
    Dimension on day 10 and my Inspiron on day 12. I used the tracking numbers
    and kept track of my machines from the loading dock to my front door.

    Interestingly enough, the Dimension actually went on the truck on day 5
    after my online order was confirmed and the Inspiron got on a truck on day 8
    after the order. For some reason it only took 4 days to get the Inspiron to
    me and 5 days to get my Dimension driven out. They originated from the same
    location according to the tracking information.

    There is obviously no excuse for the service you have been getting. I would
    be sorely pissed, as well. When and if you do actually talk to someone
    living and breathing, make sure they understand that. You may have better
    luck calling Sales and asking to speak with a manager or supervisor. The
    guys (and gals) in Sales do not like to hear that kind of feedback.
    Basically, they hang up the phone after speaking with a pissed off customer
    and walk over to the idiots in Customer Service that share the building with
    them and give them an ass chewing. I know, because I know someone in Dell
    Sales and she has done exactly that.
    Kevin, Sep 8, 2005
  7. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    Well, in the end, they made me happy. I spoke to Sales. They were very
    flexible. I was willing to pay a little more to move up a processor, but
    not a LOT more.

    So, they configured a similar machine, but upgraded from Celeron M 1.6 to
    Pentium M 1.6, upgraded the Wireless card to Intel's and added 24 months of
    McAfee. $80 per machine and I don't have to fool with the rebate.

    Overall, the result was good, the effort to get there was a challenge.

    Tom Scales, Sep 8, 2005
  8. Tom Scales

    Ted Zieglar Guest

    Even the best organization gets it wrong sometimes, and within every quality organization there are pockets of incompetence. Dell is no different from any other company of its size, and better than many. Too bad you fell through the cracks, but none of the many whiners who inhabit this otherwise respectable forum should take any comfort from your situation.

    Ted Zieglar
    Ted Zieglar, Sep 8, 2005
  9. haahahahahhahhehehehehhehehe.............
    Glittery Gary, Sep 8, 2005
  10. wanker..........
    Glittery Gary, Sep 8, 2005
  11. Tom Scales

    BigJIm Guest

    it just goes to show that some of these people do have problems with Dell,
    I myself have not, yet. But the last laptop I order I called 4 times and
    hung up before I
    got a person who's first language was English. glade it worked out for ya.
    BigJIm, Sep 8, 2005
  12. Tom Scales

    Keith Guest

    Notan, Don't get this crap started again!

    Go elsewhere retard!
    Keith, Sep 8, 2005
  13. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    Actually, he was right. Irene jumped right in :)
    Tom Scales, Sep 8, 2005
  14. Tom Scales

    Rob Guest

    I'm glad you got satisfaction in the end.

    Like someone else mentioned, I hope you NOW realize what others told
    you before about their bad dell experiences and you don't blow them
    off the way you did before.

    Personally I like Dell but try very hard to not have to deal with
    their sales or support by phone. I find the dellbot is almost useless
    or their use of the English language is audibly unrecognizable or
    almost unrecognizable. I wonder how Mr. Dell feels if he can't
    recognize their pronunciation of his last name??? Maybe that's the
    first English word with diction lessons they learn.

    Anyway Tom, glad it worked for you. Can you make any suggestions from
    your experiences, how the rest of us can avoid what you just went
    Rob, Sep 8, 2005
  15. Tom Scales

    Bill Guest

    Is there where we are suppose to call Ted a Dellbot?
    Bill, Sep 8, 2005
  16. Tom Scales

    Notan Guest

    I don't even see Keith's posts, anymore, as they're transferred
    straight to the piss pot.

    Glad to hear that things worked out... For a minute, I thought
    that we lost ya!

    Welcome back! <g>

    Notan, Sep 8, 2005
  17. Tom Scales

    MB_ Guest


    Boy, are you getting ragged on!! LOL!!

    I recently ordered my 2nd Dell and it is supposed to be here tomorrow (that
    will be 1 week since I ordered it). This is about the same time it took to
    get my first Dell.

    So, I have had good experiences.

    BUT, just curious, how many Dell's have you purchased?? I have a feeling
    quite a few. So, over time, shit happens. Right??

    I suspect the totality of your experiences has been positive.

    MB_, Sep 8, 2005
  18. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    It is interesting that this is eye-opening to readers of this newsgroup. If
    you read my historical posts, I have been QUITE clear that Dell's service
    has deteriorated and that my experiences have not all been perfect. I've
    recounted a story about a piece of junk Latitude LT before, but not recently
    enough for new readers to remember.

    My issue with posters to this newsgroup is the other end of the spectrum
    where the poster believes Dell can do no RIGHT. I believe they are the best
    choice and understand their cost structure and the limits that imposes on
    their level of service.

    I have NEVER claimed that Dell is always right. I've defended the rights of
    folks like Irene to share their stories and respect her for doing so. My
    challenge is the people that post "Dell sucks" WITHOUT sharing their story.
    That brings no value to anyone. I find humorous the people that post that
    believe that some complaints here are a reasonable statistical measure of
    Dell's service.

    In other words, I'm a middle of the road moderate. I'm not the problem.

    Tom Scales, Sep 8, 2005
  19. Tom Scales

    Tom Scales Guest

    Well, depends on whether you count the ones that I bought at a prior job.

    If you don't, let's see. 2 Latitudes. 4 Inspirons. 2 Optiplex. 6
    Dimensions. So 14 total. Only the LT was crap, and Dell bought them from

    If you count those thatI bought for my company, somewhere north of 30,000.

    Tom Scales, Sep 8, 2005
  20. Tom Scales

    Paul Guest

    I ordered TWO Inspiron 6000 laptops yesterday. So far it has been a
    Just curious what your configuration was -- I ordered my I6000 on last
    Thursday 9/1 before the Labor Day weekend and recieved it yesterday,
    Wednesday 9/7 (2-day shipping). I was extremely pleased by that - the
    little elves must have been working the holiday.

    I took advantage of the $500 "back to school discount". I have WSXGA+
    display, Pentium M 760 2Ghz/533 FSB, free dual layer DVD burner, 1GB RAM for
    the price of 512MB. ATI X300 64MB video. Intel Pro 2200 wireless. extended
    life 9-cell 90Whr battery.

    -- Paul
    Paul, Sep 8, 2005
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