NTFS error, accessing raid array through DOS, or chkdsk from command line

Discussion in 'Abit' started by h, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. h

    h Guest

    Have an annoying hiccup with my NF7-S based machine.
    I have WinXP pro installed on a RAID striped set. Recieved a stop error,
    ntfs.sys while using PC, telling me to restart and run chkdsk /f, however I
    can't get into Windows to do this, as the same error appears on load.
    Cannot start in any F8 mode, as it results in same error (I do see a list of
    files loading, but this pauses then error appears)
    Tried Recovery Console, Repair, Re-install, but all result in the same error
    at the stage where setup, or Repair checks the disk that is the RAID array.
    I have not yet broken the RAID array as I would like to salvage something
    (last backup was 2 weeks ago) no new hardware or BIOS updates for several (3
    at least) weeks. Latest BIOS 23(?) reset to defaults.
    No major problems with machine (till this one) random crashing etc. since
    setting up about 3 months ago. Currently using new XP installation on single
    HDD same machine.
    Silicon Image BIOS reports both HDDs, without problems, no pausing or
    hanging on detect.
    Problem is I cannot boot into new installation with RAID array connected, as
    this causes a reboot before Windows loads (even in safe mode), as I thought
    I might be able to access the array through the new installation.
    Is there a way to see the RAID using a Silicon Image driver for DOS (long
    shot I know, if they exist I can't find them) so I can use an NTFS DOS
    reader to grab some files, or some other way to move the array to another
    controller. Would XP see the RAID if they were on an IDE cable together?

    Nothing major was lost, but would like to save the time downloading
    everything again (dial-up).

    Any thoughts welcome
    h, Apr 19, 2004
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  2. h

    Chip Guest

    You don't need a driver. Just boot from DOS and you will be able to see
    your array fine. Whether you can get any files off it - since its an NFTS
    partition - is another matter.

    Chip, Apr 19, 2004
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  3. h

    Bob Smalls Guest

    I am surprised better help wasn't more forthcoming, as I tried in the XP
    groups as well, and the MVP. who replied didn't seem to even read my posts,
    kept asking me for info I had already supplied, or gave me Win2k advice.
    Here you will find a freeware NTFS reader for DOS, which bypasses file
    permissions etc.., can read drives on the silicon image controller fine.
    It's only drawback is you need a FAT32 partition to copy the files to, and
    if you want to recover a lot of data it takes a while, and you will lose
    long file names. Still for free it was just the ticket.
    I got a bit lost in troubleshooting because I had disconnected the array to
    get into the second installation of XP (otherwise I would get a reboot loop
    at XP load), and switching between array and single disk means I tried this
    software earlier - only without the array attached :), which is what lead
    me to believe I might need a DOS driver.
    Also I was miffed that the XP installation fell over so completely, and none
    of the XP recovery tools worked. I never had this bad a crash with FAT32.
    Have created array again and can't find any physical problems with either
    disk, so maybe I was very unlucky.
    Cheers for reply.
    Bob Smalls, Apr 21, 2004
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