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NVIDIA blames MS for not having fullscreen video mirroring (video out).

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Ant, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Ant

    Ant Guest


    Section "Known Product Limitations: (...) problems that will NOT be
    fixed. Usually, the source of the problem is beyond the control of

    -Full.screen video mirroring is not supported on graphics cards based on
    the GeForce 8
    series and later GPUs.
    -Compliance with Microsoft's Certified Output Protection Protocol (COPP)
    for content.
    protected media has prompted NVIDIA to remove this feature for all

    Basically, it's DRM/copy protection. There has to be a way to disable
    this crap (hack). :(

    ATI/AMD looks good, but crappy game performance. :(
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    Ant, Mar 19, 2008
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  2. Previously on alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia, Ant said:
    Does this mean that you cannot set these cards to do a "Clone" display

    Jeffrey Kaplan www.gordol.org
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    14, 2000
    Jeffrey Kaplan, Mar 19, 2008
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  3. Ant

    Augustus Guest

    Does this mean that you cannot set these cards to do a "Clone" display
    Not when the output is video. It has no impact on standard display output
    which can be cloned and spanned.
    Augustus, Mar 19, 2008
  4. Previously on alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia, Augustus said:
    Ah, good. My TV has a PC/VGA input.

    Jeffrey Kaplan www.gordol.org
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    Charles Darwin, 1871
    Jeffrey Kaplan, Mar 20, 2008
  5. Ant

    Ant Guest

    Yeah mine is over a decade old 21" CRT TV with composite via an old VCR.
    Basically, GeForce 7950 GT KO -> VCR -> TV. :(
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    Ant, Mar 20, 2008
  6. Ant

    GMAN Guest

    From what i could tell reading this information, the COPP technology just
    provides the way for a vendor or software publisher to use the tech to protect
    their specific videos or programs output using a set standard. Microsoft
    itself doesnt dictate whethere an apps output must be protected. So NVIDIA is
    lying when they state that they cannot implement the feature. Microsoft is not
    preventing them from using full screen.

    GMAN, Mar 20, 2008
  7. Ant

    werewolfe666 Guest

    You can do following modes: None, Clone, Dualview. These all display
    fine on any video out SVHS or HDTV component cable (which also has a
    yellow composite on it, yeuck... composite looks awful but whatever).
    So yes you can get your desktop out on any format in PAL or NTSC or
    HDTV 1080i 720 4x 5x formats.... its all there.

    The issue which had ruined it all for video lovers is that we dont
    want to have to play a media player (which ever one you use) and
    resize it to full screen, which uses masses of processor power to
    rescale the window and plays with PC scale gammas (brightness levels)
    when all the old cards use to say to themselves, ah hes playing video
    lets switch modes to video out as video.

    Video has video scales... and runs at video sync frames of 23.97 or 25
    frames with interlace or in hdtv with progressive or interlaced
    signals. If the card doesnt pump these out to your HDTV or TV as they
    were intended you end up with wrong colour rendition, decimated frame
    rate or padded frame rate which looks awful and you get refresh rate
    banding - which looks like a 5 degree line which keeps whooshing down
    your video on fast motion sequences. Basically, it looks baaaad. Next
    you lose interlace integrity which mean if you have a film which is
    interlace and you dont display it 1:1 with your tv or HDTV you get
    jagged lines on the edges of things when they move fast. The TV or
    TDTV would normally handle these but iut cant if its not sent the
    right signal in the right way.

    The biggest crime of all is by removing this function video editors
    who would see a full screen pure signal of what they are trying to
    edit, now have to suffer a PC scale, PC gamma, wrong refresh rate
    immitation of their footage with no interlace. It looks horrid and
    when you finish your project and burn to a dvd or export back to DV it
    will probably suck on a 50/50 is the interlace field correct gamble.

    You no longer get to see your Winamp graphics full screen scaled to
    correct dimensions by the Nvidia card... you wanna see those grahpcs
    full screen now you have to scale them to full screen with winamp.
    Hmmmmm 1080I rescaling of winamp graphiocs will run at about 10 frames
    per second. Very sucky.

    Nvidia you are eeeeeediots for removing this function. However I would
    bet money that they removed it only to offer it down the line as a
    "new feature" on higher priced cards, when it used to be an always
    there function from £20 MX440 cards up to the 7000 range... but no
    longer in the 8000 and higher cards. Seems pulling functionality is ok
    as far as Nvidia are concerned. The solution, stop buying their cards
    and see them go bust. Or return the feature Nvidia.

    Nobody out there with a brain is going to want to see flickery video.
    They are also lying on their boxes when they say "Play High Definition
    Video" and the words "Flicker Free" because by definition, PC scale
    destroys the HDTV video colours, wrong refresh rate gives you flicker
    banding. Someone should take them to court as a class action case so
    we can all get our money back. Im being fobbed off by supplier who
    doesnt even know what overlay means. Grrrr.
    werewolfe666, May 2, 2008
  8. Ant

    werewolfe666 Guest

    The function was called FULL SCREEN VIDEO OPTIONS in the 7000 range
    and as it suggests, sent your smaller windowed video automatically to
    the VIDEO OUT and would send it correct FULL SCREEN, which temporarily
    uses the true VIDEO OUT mode not the PC desktop out mode. This is what
    we came to know and love because we used to watch our DVDs and DIVX on
    it, and they looked great. Now all we have is no way to do this... so
    our video looks bad and flickery and takes loads of processor and for
    HDTV will jerk like a bad boy.
    werewolfe666, May 2, 2008
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