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nvidia forceware driver; Vista drivers; asus/nvidia vga card (?)

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by JPK, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. JPK

    JPK Guest


    Sorry if this is a basic question but what is the Forceware driver for? Is
    it neccessary to install or is it only for games?

    I just bought the asus EN7600GS Silent,or another name of it is the GeForce
    7600GS(on a nvidia logo & model pic on top right hand corner of the box).
    Anyone have any idea *why* the Asus brand name is associated with this VGA
    card and how this nvidia vga card became an "asus vga card",as i was asking
    to buy the GeForce 7600GS,and received this one.The explanation i get for
    that at the shop is that it is an asus card and it is an nvidia card.

    I am running Vista,and the package does not include a vista compatible
    driver,and found the Forceware driver on the nvidia website,and am wondering
    if this is the entire driver for the vga card or is an add on driver or is
    part of all the drivers that is needed ?????

    I assme that any driver for this model GeForce 7600GS from the nvidia
    website is OK as it is an Asus EN7600GS Silent(GeForce 7600GS)???

    Also after my pc starts i get a message that a pci bridge is being
    installed,i am also wondering if it possibly might be to do with the vga

    JPK, Mar 3, 2007
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  2. JPK

    Conor Guest

    OK, lets start with the basics.

    "Why is it called an Asus card?"

    nVidia are a company that make 3D graphics chips (called a GPU), kind
    of like AMD and Intel make processors, and produce a reference design
    board. Companies such as Asus take that reference design and either
    leave it as it is or tweak it to their own specs - in your models case
    it has a different cooling system. They then manufacture cards under
    their own brand name but using the nVidia GPU. You have got what you
    have asked for - it's just that the badge on the box is an Asus one.

    "What is the forceware driver for?"

    This is the graphics card driver suite which the operating system needs
    to get the best from the card and get full functionality. Whilst Asus
    releases it's own, it is best to use the one released by nVidia as they
    release new versions more often.

    The drivers you need to download and install are here:


    The PCI Bridge is part of the motherboard - it's OK to allow it to be

    Hope all that helps.
    Conor, Mar 3, 2007
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  3. JPK

    JPK Guest

    JPK, Mar 3, 2007
  4. JPK

    DRS Guest

    Please don't unnecessarily post 4k of cited text. It's even worse when you
    say nothing and you change the subject line.
    DRS, Mar 4, 2007
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