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Nvidia GT300: 512-bit bus + GDDR5 memory = enormous bandwidth

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Air Raid, May 18, 2009.

  1. Air Raid

    Air Raid Guest

    It's looking like GT300 will have at least 256 GB/sec bandwidth.
    Somewhere around 256 ~ 280 GB/sec, around double that of GT200. The
    increased bandwidth is thanks to a 512-bit bus (which the current
    GT200 already has) combined with GDDR5 memory (GT200 does not have).
    What could all of that bandwidth be needed for? Probably more ROPs,
    perhaps upto 64, that would be double what GT200 has.

    and / or newer, better-designed ROPS.


    If it allows me to play Crysis cranked up all the way, at 60fps, on a
    single GPU/single card without needing SLI, I'm all for it.
    Air Raid, May 18, 2009
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  2. Air Raid

    Thomas S. Guest

    I play Crysis at 60 FPS cranked all the way up.. not on a single GPU
    card though.

    Crysis is one of those mythical, waste-of-time-to-talk-about goals /
    benchmarks of achievability that gamers like to latch onto, sort of
    like the Duke Nukem fiasco.

    The fundamental problem is that the game pretty much sucks, even if
    you do run it at acceptable levels. And even "acceptable levels" never
    really amount to GOOD performance. It's simply a poorly written

    What's even more funny is when you consider the fact that during the
    period of time this game was in development (2004-2006 or so), there
    was no hardware available that could even come close to running this
    game with everything maxed out. So, even the developers never got a
    chance to play test their own game to determine if it was headed in
    the right direction or was even fun to play. That explains a great
    deal right there.
    Thomas S., May 18, 2009
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  3. Air Raid

    Tim O Guest

    While I disagree that Crysis sucks, I'd also have to ask why you'd buy
    hardware that plays it at 60fps if you don't like it. There isn't
    really any other game that pushes hardware like Crysis, so your setup
    seems kind of silly if you're using it to play Left4Dead or COD4,
    which runs lightning fast on a single 8800GT.

    Crytek always pushes the envelope with their engines. Far Cry was no
    different in its day. I also remember when id used to do the same
    thing. It was kind of a commonplace thing for software to exceed the
    limits of hardware in the late 90s and early 2000's.
    Its uncommon now, mainly because most of the software out there is
    designed with running not only on a PC, but also on the XBox360 and
    PS3 with their relatively limited resources.

    The part where we might agree is that there is no way I'm spending 500
    bucks on a new cutting edge video card to run one 2 year old game
    fast. We're at the point now where software no longer drives PC
    hardware development. Nearly every big release from here on out is
    going to be multi-platform. Crytek and id both scaled their upcoming
    engines to work on the consoles.

    Too bad you don't like Crysis, because its likely the only thing thats
    going to challenge your system for a long time to come.
    Tim O, May 18, 2009
  4. Hold on there chap... try Call of Juarez...

    Skybuck Flying, May 18, 2009
  5. Air Raid

    Thomas S. Guest

    What makes you think I would buy hardware to play Crysis? Its a crap
    game with or without good framerates.
    L4D and COD4 were not my thing. Now Far Cry 2, theres a game. I'm
    not happy with framerates unless I get a minimum 60 fps (not avg) even
    under the most extreme conditions. With this hardware I can achieve
    that in FC2 with all the eye candy matched even (and here's the rub)
    on some of the massive multiplayer maps with dense jungle foilage.
    Not as far as those who license older versions of their engines
    (talking about the Dunia engine here which is a modded version of the
    FC1 engine). Far Cry 2 makes Crysis look like pong.
    I never thought very highly of the original FC.
    Not true, GTA 4 makes good use of the hardware (looks and plays
    remarkably better than console versions), and I do much more with my
    PC than just play games. Just because Crysis doesn't run as well as
    games that look and play better than it, doesn't mean I have (or am
    looking for) a good reason to continue to go back to it.

    The only reason Crysis continues to show up in benchmarks is because
    it's interesting to see how much it really takes to run it decently.
    If you remember, for a couple of years Oblivion outdoor benchmarks
    were the benchmark-article favorite, because they were so brutal on
    hardware. The big difference is that Oblivion was an enjoyable game
    to play through.
    Thomas S., May 20, 2009
  6. Air Raid

    Tim O Guest

    I like the Dunia engine as well, providing the engine itself is
    capable of overcoming one of Far Cry 2's huge limitations.
    If the complete respawning of enemies/buildings/vehicles as soon as
    the player is 1/4 mile away was just a poor design choice thats was
    just a poor design choice, the engine gets a pass.

    If they had to do that to overcome a limitation of the engine, than
    its no better than Cryengine, its just happens to run a little

    There is another huge irritation with Dunia and that is if you have
    too many save games, its takes forever to load the game list. If you
    decide to pare it down by deleting them, it has to reload the list at
    a minute + a shot.

    Didn't play much of the multi-player, but I played through the single
    player campaign when I had an 8800GT and it looked great and played
    pretty fast with just a couple things less than max.
    I disagree, but whatever.
    Well, yea. LOL.
    Tim O, May 20, 2009
  7. Air Raid

    Les Steel Guest

    Tim O said the following on 20/05/2009 10:47:
    Me too. Also dunia is apparently based on the same engine as crysis, not
    the best of the two Far Cry games.
    Les Steel, May 20, 2009
  8. Air Raid

    Thomas S. Guest

    Looking this up once more it does appear Dunia is based on the
    CryEngine2 Crysis rather than than mods to the original used in Far
    Cry 1. It sort of begs the question of why can Ubisoft do better with
    the engine than the original developers? When I say better, I'm not
    counting subjective opinions about which game is more fun.. in my case
    any game that goes from shooting Koreans to having aliens drop out of
    the sky (Crysis) is never going to be fun. I'm talking about the
    overall optimization, how good the graphics look overall (and how well
    the framerate performs on a given set of hardware), an area where Far
    Cry 2 trounces both Crysis and Crysis Warhead. What did Crytek do
    that made Crysis perform so poorly?
    Thomas S., May 21, 2009
  9. Air Raid

    Thomas S. Guest

    You aren't the only one to complain about the respawning of check
    points. Somewhere on the Ubi site I watched a video where the
    developers mentioned this was a design decision. I personally didn't
    mind it, because if they had not done it, eventually every check point
    would have gotten slowly cleared out, and completing each mission
    would have become successively easier. Once you cleared a checkpoint,
    you would be freely roaming around the world as if you were one of the
    last survivors of a nuclear holocaust in Africa. It would have then
    become a simple matter of driving straight to each mission goal,
    shooting a few bad guys, then done.
    I never experienced that issue, I saved games often and the list
    loaded quicky for me. I have heard of other bugs in single player but
    did not experience them myself, admittedly I didn't play through all
    of the SP game because I became hopelessly addicted to MP shortly
    after release.
    I originally played it at DX9 with similar hardware and similar
    settings, and single player and all of the retail MP maps still looked
    gorgeous and played great as you said. When I discovered how
    addictive the multiplayer game was, and discovered the vast number of
    user-created maps, I became aware that my machine was not able to give
    me acceptable framerates on some of the larger maps with lots of
    detail..this was not my only reason for getting a new PC (but helped
    give me an extra reason to upgrade), and loading the game for the
    first time with DX10 and all options maxed (with blazing fast
    framerates under ALL conditions), made me feel like I was playing a
    whole new game.
    Ok, pong was a bit of an exaggeration but the difference is still
    night and day.
    Thomas S., May 21, 2009
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