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NVIDIA hiring eDRAM engineers - for Sony's PSP2?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by AirRaid, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. AirRaid

    AirRaid Guest

    NVIDIA hiring eDRAM engineers - for Sony's PSP2?
    15-Jan-2007, 10:21.03 Reporter : Uttar

    A quick look at NVIDIA's website will reveal that they are currently
    looking for eDRAM engineers. It's worth noting that they have never
    shipped any such design, and it seems extremely unlikely to us that
    anyone in the industry is planning to use eDRAM on products aimed at
    the PC market. As such, this could be a further confirmation that
    NVIDIA has the contract for Sony's PSP2 handheld.

    Indeed, the original PSP has plenty of eDRAM (2MB for the GPU alone),
    and the PS2 GPU has its fair share of it too. These chips are
    manufactured in Sony's own fabs, which thus seem rather well tuned for
    it. It has already looked extremely likely for a while that NVIDIA
    would get the contract, as past financial conference calls have had
    Jen-Hsun Huang say that he believes the original PSP's graphics chip
    will be the last one developped in-house for any console or CE device.
    That wouldn't theorically exclude AMD from the contract though, of
    course - and while it's likely it has been decided by now who won the
    contract, it's also impossible to be sure.

    Still, this eDRAM job offer is a further confirmation of NVIDIA's
    likely contract with Sony on this project, which you would expect to
    see shipping around 2009, given the traditional industry cycles.
    Assuming a royalty-based model, likely per-unit revenue would be
    between 3 and 5 dollars, in addition to one-time payments. That's not a
    lot of money for either NVIDIA or AMD nowadays, but it remains
    financially appealing because of the 100% margins associated with the


    forgetting PSP2 for a moment (which is NOT the upcoming redesigned PSP
    due out 2007-2008),,, I'm thinking about PS4, and how badly it WILL
    NEED a GPU with EDRAM. One of the biggest mistakes of PS3 was not
    having EDRAM, and because of it, Xbox 360 beats the PS3 in graphics
    rendering / displaying graphics on screen. and no matter how powerful
    the CELL is or isnt, it can't help the RSX GPU.

    Sony & Nvidia better come up with a fantasticly powerful GPU for PS4,
    otherwise there will be little point in bothering PS4, even less so
    than PS3. Sony better go back to EDRAM in PS4, or they are finished
    performance wise.
    AirRaid, Jan 15, 2007
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  2. AirRaid

    eventerke Guest


    I'd guess more likely for phones and portable players - note the
    acquisition of PortalPlayer, and the "4800" phone chip announced on the
    nVidia website.
    eventerke, Jan 20, 2007
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