NVIDIA SLI Patch For Any Motherboardv

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    NVIDIA SLI Patch For Any Motherboard

    Postby Apoptosis » Thu Mar 02, 2006 9:44 am
    A while back mainboard manufacturer Asrock published a SLI enabling patch for their ULi chipset based motherboards that have two PCI-Express slots. Various rumors suggested that the patch would also function under other chipsets as well, and allow users with other chipsets to use SLI on their non-SLI motherboards. The result? SLI on any platform, no matter what the chipset (just so long as you have two PEG adaptors).

    Unfortunately the original version of the patch installs only on ULi 1695/7 chipsets - you couldn’t use it if you didn’t have a motherboard with that particular chipset.

    Our good friend Regeneration from NGOHQ managed to alter the installer and to create a modified version of the SLI patch that allows you to use it with EVERY motherboard. We couldn’t do in-depth testing on other chipsets, but if the rumors are true then it should definitely work. Feel free to use it at your own risk, and please post the results in our forums. Remember, this is a modified version and is not supported by Asrock, ULi or Nvidia.

    Installation: Just run SLI Patch.exe and follow the instructions.
    Removal: Control Panel > Add and Remove programs > SLI Patch
    Supported OSes: Microsoft Windows XP/2000

    Several motherboards have multiple PEG slots, but without the SLI license from NVIDIA, those motherboards have never been sanctioned to run SLI mode. Motherboards that currently have multiple PEG adaptors but are not authorized to run in SLI mode include:
    # Intel 975X
    # Intel Q965
    # Intel P965
    # Intel 945P
    # VIA K8T900
    # ATI RD580
    # ATI RD480
    # ULi M1697
    # NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra
    # NVIDIA nForce4 4X
    appyappy, Apr 11, 2009
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