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nw8000 vs. R50p

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Ola Presterud, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. I am looking into bying either the HP nw8000 or the IBM Thinkpad R50p. At
    the moment, I am leaning for the nw8000 because it can have a 2nd battery
    or 2nd HD installed and still have the optical unit. Having two HDs +
    optical is something I have missed from my former Thinkpad A21p. The other
    strong point is that the nw8000 costs 25% less than the R50p here in
    Norway, same RAM/HD/graphics configuration.

    But I am not entirely writing the R50p off yet. So I am wondering, is there
    anyone who have tried both or knows if there is any reasons *not* to go
    for the HP? Display, performance and durability is important for me. I know
    that very few can surpass the build quality of the Thinkpads. This is a big
    step for me thinking on HP, because I have had 3 Thinkpad's in a row, and
    they have all served me very well.

    Ola Presterud, Mar 2, 2004
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  2. Ola Presterud

    JaG Guest

    Hi, I also hesitated between an R50p and the nw8000. I finally got the
    nw8000 because it was cheaper (and also because it's got a DB-9 serial
    port...). I had to add another 512MB RAM and it doesn't have a DVD burner as
    the R50p. If I added a DVD burner, it would still cost around 25% less than
    the R50p. It also came with the 802.11b/g option instead of an 802.11a/b/g.
    I also had 2 Thinkpads (my first was a 380D and the next one was an A20p)
    before the Compaq and now when I use the Thinkpad's keyboard, its touch
    feels much heavier than the nw8000. All in all, I think I prefer the feel of
    the nw8000's keyboard. It's very solid too. The nw8000 keyboard also has the
    Windows and Application Menu keys, which I must admint, are very convenient,
    after spending years using TP keyboards without them. The feel of the
    trackpoint device is worse on the nw8000 than on the TP in my opinion, but I
    see myself using the trackpad instead.
    The UXGA screen is very good, especially as far as resolution is concerned.
    After reading comments about the IBM's FlexView, I was hoping I would be
    more blown away by the WVA displays of the nw8000 but okay, it's better,
    only not so unbelievably so. There were no faulty pixels, which, after
    having two TP SXGA+ displays, one with 5 (of which 2 next to each other) and
    the other with 3 pixels always on pixels, is a nice surprise, especially
    considering the higher resolution. To IBM's credit, the one with 5 pixels
    always on was changed, when I finally called support after 2 years...
    The build quality seems less solid than my TP A20p, on which my young son
    walked without breaking itm but it seems to be a general trend in
    manufacturing... say, even with cars ;-) The quality seems in fact adequate
    and at least better than the consumer HPs.
    The absence of the keyboard lighting (Thinklight) is also not as bad as I
    feared. The HP's keyboard stays more readable under poor lighting conditions
    thanks to the reflection of the screen, which was not the case on the A20p.
    As to performance, I have no comparisons with an R50p, but for my day to day
    Java development work, I can see that the environment I use starts in 5-6
    seconds compared to the 30 secs it took on the A20p. Building the same
    project took 8 seconds where it took 50 secs on the A20p. Several factors
    play a role here, the Pentium M's L2 cache, the faster hard disk with a
    bigger cache, 60GB/7200rpm/8MBcache vs. 48GB/5400rpm/512Kcache if I
    remember) and the bigger RAM (1GB instead of 512MB).
    What I liked about the Thinkpad was that it was easy to add any second hard
    disk in the Ultrabay 2000 using the drive adapter. HP doesn't seem to sell
    just the adapter, so it's either buying a whole drive with the adapter at an
    inflated price or going to ebay to try and buy a second hard disk adapter.
    I also reinstalled Windows XP Pro with the restore CDs after reformatting
    the disk to have multiple partitions instead of the single 60GB partition
    that it came with. Ever since then, I have an unknown device appearing in
    the device manager. HP support was not very helpful about that and I choosed
    not to waste too much time on that issue right now. I also get a blue screen
    of death about a couple of times per week (way too much, especially in the
    middle of work) but I suspect it could be related to my VPN client software
    (Checkpoint SecuRemote) as I also had that problem initially on the A20p
    when I used a wireless card. The problem had disappeared on the TP and it
    was a very stable machine though.

    Voila, some quick notes about my first weeks with a nw8000.
    JaG, Mar 2, 2004
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  3. Wow, thanks a lot!!! This was exactly the kind of review I was hoping
    for :)

    The Multibay HD adapter is the big issue, pretty silly they do not sell
    the adapter itself. I have found that www.microstorage.com sells
    complete 2nd bay drives for a lot of notebooks, including the nw8000. On
    their site it is only 4200rpm disks, but I know the Norwegian
    distributor EET also have the 60GB 7200rpm available. These disks from
    MicroStorage is cheaper than original HP, but still they costs twice as
    much as the disk sold alone (where HP is at least 3 times).

    But I discovered this caddy for Armada M700 & E500, Evo N600c, N800c,
    N800v and Presario 2800 (cut'n'paste the complete link):

    [email protected]@[email protected]

    Another one:

    Is this Multibay caddies? And if so, should it be compatible with the
    newer computers?

    Ola Presterud, Mar 3, 2004
  4. Ola Presterud

    JaG Guest

    At least, the description seems to indicate what we're looking for.
    I took a colleague's Armada E500's Multibay CDRW and plugged it into the
    nw8000's multibay and it fitted perfectly, the drive was directly recognized
    (of course!). So, could really be IT!!! From the picture, it really looks
    like it too.
    Now, the Thinkpad 2nd disk adapter loads the disk from the top which makes
    sense. How are disks fitted into these, from the bottom ? The side ? Price
    seems reasonable too, especially now that the Euro is so high.
    I could then install SuSE 9.0 on a 2nd disk instead of on one of the
    JaG, Mar 3, 2004
  5. Great!

    I take it for granted that this one will work, from the looks of it I
    had the feeling. But since the E500 drive fits, then it should be no
    problem. I also searched some documents for N800c/v, and it seems to
    have the same Multibay options numbers as the nw8000 has.

    USD55 on the second place seems to be a reasonable enough price. Hard to
    say how it is loaded, from bottom, side or it is a cover. We might also
    see the bottom for all we know.

    If you order it, please tell me how things are going along. It will
    still be 4-5 weeks until I most probably orders the nw8000, so I will
    wait until I get the computer first.
    Ola Presterud, Mar 3, 2004
  6. After some e-mail exchange with XtraDisk, they have now confirmed that the
    adapter should also work with the nc/nw8000, not only up to nc6000 as
    stated earlier (they checked with their product source).

    Just awaiting what the final cost with shipping will be :)

    Ola Presterud, Mar 3, 2004
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