nx7000 / realtek /telnet under xp

Discussion in 'HP' started by Christopher Borbach, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Hello out there!

    I have a very very strange behaviour on my compaq nx7000 notebook:
    when I open a telnet session to our UNIX server using the win XP
    telnet program I only have to perform the following actions to make
    the network connection over the realtek NIC impossible:

    - mark the characters of a line longer than 80 characters in the
    telnet session
    - paste the marked/copied line back to the telnet session

    That's all! A portion of te marked line is pasted to the telnet
    session. Then the session is aborted and the whole traffic over the
    realtek NIC doesn't work any more! I updated the OM/BIOS and realtek
    drivers. The only change I remarked is that XP was able to shutdown

    Any Idea?

    Christopher Borbach, Jan 26, 2004
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  2. Christopher Borbach

    Ben Myers Guest

    Well, the Realtek Ethernet chipset and Realtek's support have never impressed
    me. (I recently installed and and donated to a Realtek 10/100 PCI card to a
    needy family. I will probably never ask one of my clients for one.) Putting a
    Realtek chip in a notebook is yet another effort by the HPaq to cut product cost
    and quality at the same time, and you the customer are left holding the bag (or
    stomping out a burning paper bag left on your doorstep).

    May I suggest installing and using a now-inexpensive name-brand PC Card 10/100
    Ethernet card, such as a 3COM/MegaHertz or Intel, both with comprehensive driver
    support and good quality diagnostics?

    You may also have encountered a software defect in Micro$oft's telnet
    implementation. Try one of the several very good open source telnet programs
    for Windows... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jan 26, 2004
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  3. Thank you Ben!

    Now I use PuTTY which works fine. On my DELL notebook I always used M$
    telnet without any problems. I just wonder how such a simple task like
    cut/paste can force the NIC go down. So I hope othe tasks wil work fine in
    the future ...

    Christopher Borbach, Jan 28, 2004
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