O.T. ? PC cleaner upper for Dell 2400

Discussion in 'Dell' started by mihalaki, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. mihalaki

    mihalaki Guest

    Looking for something to speed up my antique Dell 2400.


    Many thanx as usual!

    mihalaki, Feb 6, 2011
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  2. mihalaki

    Leala Guest

    Leala, Feb 6, 2011
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  3. mihalaki

    Bob Villa Guest

    Yes, reformat and reinstall OS...have a least 1Gb of ram for XP. It
    should run great then.
    Bob Villa, Feb 6, 2011
  4. mihalaki

    RnR Guest

    100% agree but let me add one precaution just in case. Backup first
    before the OP does anything whether this method or whatever. I speak
    from experience of course.
    RnR, Feb 6, 2011
  5. mihalaki

    T i m Guest

    And make sure you have the recovery media and / or code ...

    Cheers, T i m
    T i m, Feb 6, 2011
  6. ask a lousy question, get a lousy answer...
    if you provided the details of what you have there then you might get
    some more meaningful suggestions. many of the 2400 were sold with
    miserable performing celeron procesors, or p4/400fsb processors, and a
    (now) inexpensive upgrade to a p4/533 can significantly increase
    performance... and lots of other suggestions which may or may not be
    meaningful without knowing what you already have there.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 6, 2011
  7. mihalaki

    RnR Guest

    Not sure if I like the way you answered him but if I go along with
    you, might as well ask him how much RAM he has and perhaps that's a
    better fix????
    RnR, Feb 7, 2011
  8. mihalaki

    RnR Guest

    Good Point Tim. Most likely you are right unless he backs it up as a
    ..exe file. Some bkup programs can do this. Regardless tho, I agree
    with you to be most safe.
    RnR, Feb 7, 2011
  9. mihalaki

    RnR Guest

    Let me clarify myself.... I agree in principal with what you said but
    not the way you began to answer him. A lot of newbies just don't
    know enough to supply enough info to get a meaningful answer. Go easy
    on these people.... as I'm sure you've been there too once. I know I
    have a long time ago.
    RnR, Feb 7, 2011
  10. mihalaki

    T i m Guest

    Yup but I think that's just his way RnR. He killfiled me for reasons
    only he knows (see my 'Diagnostics / flashing lights' a few back).

    He might just be going through a bad patch or just comes across like
    that but means well.

    The OP asks about a 'PC Cleaner' so most of the replies so far are
    simply answering that point. Had he asked 'How can I make my PC go
    faster' then Christophers suggestions may be more relevant.

    So more 'good question, lousy answer' in his case. ;-)

    Cheers, T i m
    T i m, Feb 7, 2011
  11. mihalaki

    Bob Villa Guest

    Mikey if you're looking for a cleaner-upper...try running CCleaner and
    Bob Villa, Feb 7, 2011
  12. mihalaki

    RnR Guest

    Chris is knowledgeable and helpful (most of the time) but he seems to
    take his help too personal. Too bad.

    As to why he killfiled you I have no idea as I find you pleasant and
    knowledgeable too as well. For all I know, he may have killfiled me
    too but simply, I don't care.
    RnR, Feb 7, 2011
  13. mihalaki

    Bob Levine Guest


    Those are two of the best tools on the market. Don't forget throw a few
    bucks are piriform via Paypal.

    Bob Levine, Feb 7, 2011
  14. mihalaki

    T i m Guest

    Also, if there isn't any protection against bad things then an
    indirect 'clean up' can be had via Malwarebytes as that can often dig
    out stuff that could be running in the background (taking resources)
    and doesn't take any itself when not doing a scan.

    I also like Avast! and Zonealarm to stop stuff getting back in (not
    saying either are 'the best' but both are free, seem to play well with
    most things and are pretty well self maintaining) but will hit the
    performance themselves.

    Similar with a HOSTS file.

    Microsoft Security Essentials is supposed to be fairly good and light
    but I don't have much experience of it myself.

    Cheers, T i m
    T i m, Feb 7, 2011
  15. mihalaki

    Bob Levine Guest

    Running it on all of my PCs. Very good and extremely light.

    Can't beat the price either.

    Bob Levine, Feb 7, 2011
  16. mihalaki

    powrwrap Guest

    The OP asked both questions.

    Thread title: PC Cleaner upper for Dell 2400?
    Body of post: Looking for something to speed up my antique Dell 2400.

    I'd say the OP is looking for a way to speed up his 2400 AND THINKS a
    cleanup program is the way to go. I agree with Christopher that more
    info is needed. How much RAM is installed? How large is the hard drive
    and how much free space is available? What is your CPU? etc. etc.
    powrwrap, Feb 7, 2011
  17. mihalaki

    T i m Guest

    True but the header was suggesting a cleanup so any further thoughts,
    unless specifically referencing hardware would (should) be along the
    same lines?
    Yup, and 'logically' all part of the same (initial) topic.
    A cleanup program /is/ a way to go? I agree he didn't actually
    preclude the thought of doing hardware mods but he didn't include it
    either. I think any thoughts along those lines can only be assumptions
    (valid or otherwise).
    Not to answer the OP though.
    Yes of course, all valid issues for the bigger picture but not IMHO
    the question asked. ;-)

    Q. Is there any way I can make my car engine run faster.

    A. Not enough info but you could remove the roof rack ... ;-)

    Cheers, T i m
    T i m, Feb 7, 2011
  18. mihalaki

    RnR Guest

    Mikey, out of respect for the others in this thread, tell us do you
    want software, hardware or solutions including both? Especially for
    hardware solutions, if you can tell us what cpu, amount of ram, size
    of hd and its free space, etc... will help us to help you better !!
    Also tell us what programs do you mainly run or want to run on this
    RnR, Feb 7, 2011
  19. mihalaki

    mihalaki Guest

    TO ACCIDENTALLY KILLFILL SOMEONE? I DON'T want to do it again, and I
    humbly apologize! I'm stumped there. and if I did know, I probably
    wouldn't ever do it...it's sounds raunchy!!!

    As for my incomplete and cryptic post, I plead guilty, now that I
    read all the posts! Dopey me!

    I do a few emails a day; I write my Memoirs (84 years of Adventurous
    Memoirs), using MS OFFICE/WORD, I do a little research usually on
    health issues, and I purchase stuff online. I do NOT do any fancy
    photo editing, internet games, etc, where lots of memory is required.
    I just don't find any interest there, anyway. Basically, I'm single,
    live alone and I'm using DIAL-UP! Slow poke Dial-up! I simply want
    some contact with the outside world, without having to do a kabuki
    dance or wrestle with a bear, to find out which Thyroid Med is the
    best! I had the IOLO software PC MECHANIC and it was PERFECT, loaded
    with stuff to clean up a hard drive. But it expired, and I'm on a
    minimum income. Congresss gave themselves a raise this year, but
    Social Security recipients...nothing! They claim that there is no
    inflation! Been to the market lately? The gas station? Home Depot?

    Through IE 8.0, I weekly clean out Temporary Internet Files,
    Passwords, History ( kept at zero days), etc.

    As to my main goal, I'm thinking in terms of a cheap software program
    that will clean out Registry junk , Defrag the HDD, clean the
    registry and defrag the memory as well.

    I do NOT have the celeronI I have the Pentium IV, a 160 Gig HDD
    with tons of space left...and an offsides USB SATA 160G HDD. Off hand
    I'd say I have 60 gig free on the IDE HDD . In addition to all I
    mentioned, , will my Dell 2400 accept more than the 5i2 RAM that I
    have now? That will help of course, but how can I find out! Gotta
    find out the Bios #...! Ask Dell! Got it!! Will do!!

    Finally, may God's Angels smile on you and those you love, forever,
    in thanks for what you're doing now! I have never been so humbled.

    mihalaki, Feb 8, 2011
  20. mihalaki

    mihalaki Guest

    Hi TIMI just answered Rnr about my killfill you. I have no clue what
    killfill is so I must have done it accidentally? I'm really sorry. As
    I mentioned to rnr even if I knew I wouldn't ever do it, it sounds
    like a raunchy thing to do. Can you explain what I must do to killfill
    someone. As my Creator is my witness, I did not intend to, if I did! !
    mihalaki, Feb 8, 2011
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