O.T. ? PC cleaner upper for Dell 2400

Discussion in 'Dell' started by mihalaki, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. mihalaki

    T i m Guest

    /You/ didn't (as far as I know), we were talking about someone else.

    Right, reading your reply to rnr you were just talking about a soft
    cleanup and not hardware upgrades am I right?

    You didn't mention if you have any anti-virus software on there or
    antimalware cleaners. If that is the case I suggest you get yourself a
    copy of Malwarebytes (we can provide a link if needed) and / or
    Security Essentials.

    As mentioned ccleaner is also pretty good (but you have to be a bit
    careful). Other than that you seem to be doing the other stuff ok.

    Also, I think the weakest link is probably going to be your dial-up
    connection. ;-(

    For the things you mentioned you might like to give Linux Mint a try.
    You might need someone with a broadband connection to download and
    burn it for you (or I think they can send you a copy) but you can just
    boot your PC and run from the CD / DVD and you don't have to install
    anything. I think that generally runs quicker than an 'old' XP system
    and if it does see all your hardware might be handy to have for
    emergencies etc (like if the hard drive ever fails and you need to get
    to the net to do summat important). I've not tried it on dial-up and
    it can be a bit funny about soft-modems so if yours is external and on
    a RS232 cable you will probably be ok .

    Cheers, T i m
    T i m, Feb 8, 2011
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  2. mihalaki

    Bob Villa Guest

    Hi Mikey, good to see you have a sharp mind. As we have suggested (and
    these are all free) Avast (works well will dial-up), MalwareBytes,
    CCleaner, and Defraggler.
    If you have one stick of 512Mb ram you could add another (DDR is not
    cheap) and if you have 2 sticks of 256Mb...you would need to buy 2
    sticks of 512Mb. So you may not want to do that.
    You have me by 19 years...so you have all my do respect! ^L^
    Bob Villa, Feb 8, 2011
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  3. mihalaki

    powrwrap Guest

    "Killfile" means a person has put a block on another person's posts to
    a newsgroup. It's a filter within newsgroup reading software that
    prevents a reader from seeing what another person writes. Basically,
    if someone is sick and tired of another person's opinions they will
    block that person so they never see any of their posts. "Killfile" is
    a nastier way of saying "I've filtered you." It's essentially the same
    as the 'Ignore' function on internet forums.

    Don't worry, you haven't killfiled anyone. LOL. It's something that
    you must set within your newsgroup reader software. Also, if you are
    reading this newsgroup using Google Groups there is no filter or
    "killfile" option.
    powrwrap, Feb 8, 2011
  4. mihalaki

    Bob Villa Guest

    Tim, sorry I replied to you in a senior moment.
    Bob Villa, Feb 8, 2011
  5. mihalaki

    RnR Guest

    Ok Mikey I think we have the picture. We need to recommend freeware
    for you because it won't cost you anything. I want to recommend
    CCleaner and Defraggler but before I do, I want others to recommend a
    good free small backup software first because just in case something
    goes awry, I want you to be able to get back to where you started
    unless that's not important to you. I will assume it is to be
    conservative. Mikey I recommend you visit filehippo.com because they
    have a lot of free software that seems to be popular. Of course on
    dial up, it's important to keep the file size down or it will take you
    a long time to download it. They also update their software often so
    if you want to keep up with the latest version of the same software,
    you can.

    And I'll let others recommend the small free "backup" program for you.
    If no one does, I'll come back and find something for you. Most
    likely I'll start at filehippo.com to look.

    Last, don't worry about killfiles. And thanks for thanking me but let
    me redirect that to many others here as they are just as eager to help
    and just as knowledgeable or maybe more than myself. I personally
    have been humbled by some people in my life too but I won't go into it
    as it sometimes makes me tear up even if its so many years later.
    Anyway I consider it a privilege to help someone like yourself so feel
    free to ask any question .... dumb or not as you need. I will as I'm
    sure others here will too, do our best to help you !!!!
    RnR, Feb 8, 2011
  6. mihalaki

    T i m Guest

    Hey, np. At least the reply was in the right thread and n/g <blush>.

    Cheers, T i m
    T i m, Feb 8, 2011
  7. mihalaki

    olfart Guest

    TO ACCIDENTALLY KILLFILL SOMEONE? I DON'T want to do it again, and I
    humbly apologize! I'm stumped there. and if I did know, I probably
    wouldn't ever do it...it's sounds raunchy!!!

    As for my incomplete and cryptic post, I plead guilty, now that I
    read all the posts! Dopey me!

    I do a few emails a day; I write my Memoirs (84 years of Adventurous
    Memoirs), using MS OFFICE/WORD, I do a little research usually on
    health issues, and I purchase stuff online. I do NOT do any fancy
    photo editing, internet games, etc, where lots of memory is required.
    I just don't find any interest there, anyway. Basically, I'm single,
    live alone and I'm using DIAL-UP! Slow poke Dial-up! I simply want
    some contact with the outside world, without having to do a kabuki
    dance or wrestle with a bear, to find out which Thyroid Med is the
    best! I had the IOLO software PC MECHANIC and it was PERFECT, loaded
    with stuff to clean up a hard drive. But it expired, and I'm on a
    minimum income. Congresss gave themselves a raise this year, but
    Social Security recipients...nothing! They claim that there is no
    inflation! Been to the market lately? The gas station? Home Depot?

    Through IE 8.0, I weekly clean out Temporary Internet Files,
    Passwords, History ( kept at zero days), etc.

    As to my main goal, I'm thinking in terms of a cheap software program
    that will clean out Registry junk , Defrag the HDD, clean the
    registry and defrag the memory as well.

    I do NOT have the celeronI I have the Pentium IV, a 160 Gig HDD
    with tons of space left...and an offsides USB SATA 160G HDD. Off hand
    I'd say I have 60 gig free on the IDE HDD . In addition to all I
    mentioned, , will my Dell 2400 accept more than the 5i2 RAM that I
    have now? That will help of course, but how can I find out! Gotta
    find out the Bios #...! Ask Dell! Got it!! Will do!!

    Finally, may God's Angels smile on you and those you love, forever,
    in thanks for what you're doing now! I have never been so humbled.


    for the answer to your memory RAM question look here

    olfart, Feb 8, 2011
  8. mihalaki

    RnR Guest

    Just to add to my last post while others can chime in on perhaps
    better solutions, give this a try for backing up your files....

    I know syncback has been around a while so it's probably decent but I
    haven't kept up with all the backup software out there. It is free
    and small file size so that's in your favor. Regards...
    RnR, Feb 8, 2011
  9. mikey,

    let me try to paraphrase your issue to get to the meat of the matter...

    you have a dell dimension 2400 with a pentium iv (p4) processor, 512mb
    ram, and 160gb hard disk. you use it for general computing including
    word processing and surfing the web. you connect to the internet via
    the use of a dial up modem. you would like to speed up your computer.

    there is only so much that can be done to enhance this now 5+ year old
    system. first you should make sure that it is virus/malware free by
    downloading/installing/updating/running a great free product called
    malwarebytes.org. but assuming that it is malware free you could
    upgrade the hardware a bit to greatly enhance performance. upgrading
    the processor and/or memory can provide some improvement but i suspect
    that if the machine is malware free the biggest performance issue it is
    having is due to your relatively slow internet connection (will get back
    to this in a moment). you didn't say exactly what processor you have
    but it is likely that it is a p4 with a 400mhz front side bus. you can
    replace it with a different p4 with a 533mhz front side bus and that
    could give the machine quite a performance upgrade. these once pricey
    processors can be had for well under $10 delivered. installing one does
    mean opening the machine and removing some things that many are not
    comfortable doing. also the memory in the system could be upgraded.
    unfortunately the memory for this model is still pretty pricey,
    particularly when you consider the minimal performance gain it will
    offer. the 2400 has only two memory sockets and you probably have both
    filled with a 256mb module in each (but it is possible that you have a
    single 512mb module and one open socket). that means you will have to
    remove a module and reduce your total memory before you have a spot to
    install a higher capacity memory module. you can purchase a single 1gb
    module for $31 and use that in addition to whatever you currently have,
    or you could buy two 1gb modules for a system total of 2gb. but before
    you consider putting potentially $70 and your time into upgrading your
    machine consider the fact that for about $325 you can purchase a brand
    new fully warranted machine that would far outperform your 2400 in every
    way. but all that said, i don't think you will find much joy in any of
    the above given your current slow internet connection. dial up may be
    the only option where you are, and i hope that you are not paying more
    than $10 a month for it, but if you have other options for high speed
    internet via the phone company, your cable company or something else i
    think you should explore them. some people still pay $25/mo for dial up
    and you can get dsl from most phone companies for less than that... not
    their fastest offering of dsl but way faster than dialup for about the
    same money.

    ps. provide your system tag number and we can look up the exact specs of
    your system as it left the dell factory. this would detail the memory
    configuration and the processor internal and front side bus speed.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 8, 2011
  10. here is the link to the 1gb memory modules for $31 (delivered)
    way cheaper than the $46 plus shipping and sales tax that crucial wants
    for it.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 8, 2011
  11. mihalaki

    powrwrap Guest

    Bought that memory stick on your recommendation a few months ago for
    my Dimension 4550. Good value.
    powrwrap, Feb 8, 2011
  12. mihalaki

    powrwrap Guest

    Would this performance gain apply to my Dim 4550 with P4, 400 mhz
    front side bus?

    Where does one purchase the faster CPU?
    powrwrap, Feb 8, 2011
  13. mihalaki

    mihalaki Guest

    Wow, I'm overwhelmed! And teary. Thank you, thank one, thank all!
    Mikey for (Michael) Michael P. Gabriel
    mihalaki, Feb 9, 2011
  14. start your own thread re a dimension 4550 processor upgrade and state
    what processor you currently have.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 9, 2011
  15. guess I typed those weird letters wrong and I never saw the error message.
    added memory might be best..(1 GIG), while I look at some recommended
    cheap or freeware clean-up programs. Later, I might try a Remove and
    Replace Processor,,,400mhz
    boat...would make a great boat anchor!
    don't get confused about this, now that we know what you have there the
    short answer is this: scan your machine with one or more of the free
    anti-malware tools in hope that it discovers and removes something and
    restores your machine to functioning at an acceptable speed, get a
    faster internet connection to see if it is your current slow internet
    connection speed that is what is really frustrating you, or get a new
    basic computer for under $350.

    the long answer is this:

    first: before you waste time or money upgrading your system i think you
    need to make sure your current machine is working properly. scanning
    for malware is the first thing to do. second, running system
    diagnostics is important. i recently saw machine with a fautly 160gb
    hard drive that worked but was extremely slow. the user would
    occasional tell me that her machine was slow but being over 5 years old
    i kept thinking of course it is 'slow'... then i happened to use it one
    day and found it to be what i would call unusable taking 5 minutes to
    open a document and so forth. it was a bad had disk, a 160gb drive.
    and looking at your service tag i see that your machine originally
    shipped with a 40gb hard drive so you must have replaced it somewhere
    along the way with the current 160gb... and i wonder if you happened
    upon a flaky 160gb drive.

    cpu: your service tag shows that your system originally shipped with a
    p4 with the faster 533mhz front side (external) bus. fwiw it is a dell
    part h1482 which is an intel spl6pc northwood 2.4ghz, 512k l2 cache,
    533mhz fsb, socket 472. the machine can accept somewhat faster
    processors but the performance gain would not be worth the effort. the
    current processor has the fastest external bus speed that this system
    supports and where the most noticeable performance gain would be seen.

    memory: your service tag shows that your system originally shipped from
    dell with a single 256mb module. you say that you currently have 512mb
    and it is likely that a second 256mb module was added to your system
    sometime along the way. you could purchase a single 1gb memory module
    and install it in place of one of the two existing modules for a new
    system total of 1.2gb. it will help overall performance somewhat but it
    won't be remarkable. still, perhaps worth the $31 if it allows you to
    postpone replacing the entire computer for some time and not tragic if
    it doesn't.

    but as i previously mentioned i suspect that your slow dial up internet
    speed is likely the most frustrating part of your whole computer
    experience and you should look into your other options.

    good luck.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 10, 2011
  16. ps. your tag number states that your system was born on 1/24/2004... it
    is officially over 7 years old... i think it has earned the right to be
    a bit slow ;) still it should be reliable and capable of word
    processing and using the internet... albeit slowly by today's standards.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 10, 2011
  17. mihalaki

    mihalaki Guest

    REPLY: Got it! Will search for spyware,malware, via a share ware
    program, try a shareware clean-up program for Defrag memory, hard
    drive, clean up registry, etc . Will also try dumping some programs
    on the hdd that I never use, giving me some more virtual memory.
    Then: I have to judge the results to determine whether a new
    processor or more memory would be cost effective. Dial Up is my only
    option...that's a fact of life that I have accepted. PS I saw
    some el cheapos online for 200. or so. I might want to look deeper
    into the processor...and maybe upgrade the memory. (have to save up
    for it, but I have plenty of time...(excellent health...and contrary
    to popular belief, the EYES are the first thing to go! (tee hee) Will
    let you know in a separate post.
    mihalaki, Feb 14, 2011
  18. mihalaki

    Bob Villa Guest

    Mikey wrote this stuff...

    REPLY: Got it! Will search for spyware,malware, via a share ware
    program, try a shareware clean-up program for Defrag memory, hard
    drive, clean up registry, etc . Will also try dumping some programs
    on the hdd that I never use, giving me some more virtual memory.
    Then: I have to judge the results to determine whether a new
    processor or more memory would be cost effective. Dial Up is my only
    option...that's a fact of life that I have accepted. PS I saw
    some el cheapos online for 200. or so. I might want to look deeper
    into the processor...and maybe upgrade the memory. (have to save up
    for it, but I have plenty of time...(excellent health...and contrary
    to popular belief, the EYES are the first thing to go! (tee hee) Will
    let you know in a separate post.

    The programs we have suggested are freeware. Shareware refers to
    something that is usually "payware".
    I also use dial-up and have found you can find the "mobile" websites
    that load much faster and have nearly the same content.
    Such as hotmail: http://bl152w.blu152.mail.live.com/default.aspx
    You refer to some el cheapos for 200...I hope that is for a whole
    Ig you are going to buy something (new PC, used, or memory)...pls run
    it by us here...to make sure you aren't getting shafted.

    Bob Villa, Feb 14, 2011
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