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odd thinkpad slight damage: screen switch

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Chip Orange, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Chip Orange

    Chip Orange Guest

    There is a hole, above the keyboard, near the hinges on my thinkpad A31.
    There's a matching stud in the lid, which appears to mesh with a switch
    which was recessed in this hole when the lid was closed.

    The problem is that the switch has fallen lose, and the hole is now empty,
    so I'm assuming the thinkpad can no longer tell when I close the lid.

    Since I never made use of any automatic functionality when the lid closed (I
    didn't have it suspend for instance), I was wondering if I can just ignore



    (I seldom leave it running for long periods of time with the lid closed, but
    there are occasional very long downloads that I let run overnight this way).
    Chip Orange, Jan 14, 2005
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  2. Unless there's a piece of metal (the switch) floating around loose
    inside your computer, you are OK in the short term. In the long term,
    you might use the backlight lifetime up faster than otherwise, your
    battery will have a shorter life, and the machine will run warmer with
    the lid closed than it would otherwise, but none of those are fatal.
    William P.N. Smith, Jan 14, 2005
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  3. Chip Orange

    Chip Orange Guest

    Thanks for the ideas. I had the same ones, so I made sure that the power
    settings would turn off the screen after 10 minutes of inactivity. With
    this feature, it seems to me that there won't be much difference in screen
    life, but I wasn't sure what else that switch might control besides screen
    on/off and going into suspend or hibernate modes.


    Chip Orange, Jan 15, 2005
  4. I doubt it does anything else - if you leave the computer on with the lid
    closed, then a 10 minute timer to switch off the screen, or pressing Fn-F3
    before you close it should solve your problems.

    Duncan J Murray, Jan 15, 2005
  5. Chip Orange

    somebody Guest

    I have an A20p and the switch is defective (or dirty). It is still in the hole.

    The system seems to check the position of the switch at power-up time.

    When I boot the machine, I have to pull the switch tab forward (toward
    keys) for the backlight to come on.

    If the tab is not pulled forward, the machine continues to boot without

    This seems to be a momentary check, early in the power-up cycle. If
    switch is pulled forward after only a few seconds in the power-up, the
    screen stays dark.

    The switch on your machine has failed in a position where the
    backlight still comes on. As you point out, you lose the
    functionality to initiate hibernation or stand-by (depending on
    configuration) when closing the lid. Personally, I never used the lid
    to initiate this. I rather initiate it manually and see how it
    proceeds and when it's done.

    On the A20p it's fairly straightforward to remove the keyboard and
    bezel to access they switch area. I assume it might be similar on the
    A31. But then, the loose part might also have migrated further into
    the machine.

    Good luck

    somebody, Jan 21, 2005
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