Oddity with External Monitor Display

Discussion in 'Dell' started by TexasMirty, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. TexasMirty

    TexasMirty Guest

    Dell Latitude D610 with ATI video. External monitor hooked up. Using
    the external monitor as primary and the laptop screen as secondary.
    Should have the option to set the laptop screen back to primary and not
    "extend desktop" onto it. However, in the Windows display settings, the
    option to extend desktop onto the laptop LCD is checked (enabled) and
    grayed out so as to be unchangeable. Remains so even when the ext.
    monitor is unplugged.

    Also seeing flaky behavior from the external monitor -- at time the
    power light is green (on) but the display is blank while it is hooked
    up to the laptop. Hitting the Function key to toggle throught the
    LCD/CRT options has no effect. Could be the monitor is starting to
    fail. Other ideas?
    TexasMirty, Jun 23, 2006
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  2. TexasMirty

    Tom Scales Guest

    You have to UNCHECK it from the current primary BEFORE you can check it on
    the other monitor.

    Stupid design.
    Tom Scales, Jun 23, 2006
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  3. TexasMirty

    TexasMirty Guest

    That makes sense actually. But since my external monitor is dead
    (although still set as primary), I'll have to grab another monitor and
    hook the laptop up to that.

    TexasMirty, Jun 23, 2006
  4. TexasMirty

    Tom Scales Guest

    Actually, you don't. Right click on the working monitor and choose
    properties. It will bring up display properties on the wrong monitor (which
    you can't see).

    Press Alt+Spacebar and then the letter M. This will put that window in move
    mode. Use the cursor to move it around until you can see it. For example,
    if the 'missing monitor' is setup to be to the right of the working monitor,
    press left arrow.

    Then uncheck/check and you're done.

    Tom Scales, Jun 23, 2006
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