OEM CD-RW/DVD combo drive for Latitude C series?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Jonathan Rogers, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. I'm wanting to replace the CDROM drive in my venerable Latitude CPiR
    with a DVD/CDRW combo drive. I can easily find compatible drives
    already in the Dell modular-bay case/shell on Ebay in the $75-100
    range (depending on whether they're refurbed or not, etc). To save a
    few bucks, though, what I'm wondering is what brand/model of OEM
    DVD/CDRW drive I could get and just put in the CDROM case/shell I
    already have? These must be a stock form factor item that Dell buys
    and just wraps in the modular bay shell. Anyone have information (or a
    good source)?

    thanks! /jdr/
    Jonathan Rogers, Dec 6, 2003
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  2. stock form factor, yes, but the eject button is in a different location
    which means that the door will not fit or the replacement drive. get the
    whole unit and then put your old one up on ebay.
    Christopher Muto, Dec 7, 2003
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