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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Phil Stripling, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. None of the newsgroups I'm finding available through seems to
    be about my query. I've got a laptop that has the latest version of
    Windows Vista home edition on it. I'm going to have to use the laptop
    for some amateur radio programs that are Windows only, and I have a
    copy of Windows 2000 professional that I use now for a desktop. I'll
    retire the desktop for the laptop. My wife uses Windows on her job, and
    she says get rid of Vista and get XP. My preference would be to load
    2000 on the laptop and use it, because I've at least seen it before. My
    brief look at Vista left me totally confused - I can't even shut the
    computer down.

    My apologies for asking about this on the Mac newsgroup, but this is
    the most knowledgeable group I read. My question is where can I get a
    reasonable analysis of which Windows versions to run on the laptop? I
    can't find such a newsgroup among the ms-windows or comp.sys newsgroups
    that has available. I"m not interested in advocacy or flames or
    Mac vs. Windows - I'm stuck with using some version of Windows because
    that's where the specific apps I need are written. It's depressing me,
    but there it is.

    Again, sorry for the OT post. Help.
    Phil Stripling, Jun 3, 2009
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  2. What's wrong with getting an account on one of the free news servers,
    which will carry the news group more appropriate to your needs (and not
    bother posting this stuff to a mac news group where you'll get all the
    "don't even think about it" you can handle)? Search news groups on
    google for "free news servers".

    Oh, I see you're posting from the "Whitehouse". Maybe you're one of
    shrubbies speechwriters who didn't get the memo...
    Michael Vilain, Jun 3, 2009
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  3. Well, considering that his originating IP address is an AT&T one (and
    the organization header is likewise AT&T), and the abuse link is, and his email address is "ralph", my guess
    is that the address is bogus.
    Michelle Steiner, Jun 3, 2009
  4. Do you know of a newsgroup which would provide the information I'm
    seeking? I'll be happy to subscribe to a free service. Many thanks for
    the suggestion.
    Phil Stripling, Jun 3, 2009
  5. Just one data point, but I replaced my Boot Camp Vista instance with
    the free Win 7RC and it seems both stable and more nimble than Vista...

    So far no issues getting my legacy apps to run.
    Claude V. Lucas, Jun 4, 2009
  6. Phil Stripling

    Tim Murray Guest

    And none ever will. This kind of thing is a matter of personal taste. But
    since you have Vista, I'd continue to poke around on it, and you'll get
    comfortable. Rummage around its miserable control panels, and you'll things
    that can make it look closer to Win2000.
    Tim Murray, Jun 4, 2009
  7. Phil Stripling

    Wes Groleau Guest

    To keep employers happy over the years, I have used Windows NT, Windows
    2000, and Windows XP for years each. Trying to help various friends,
    I've had more exposure than I'd like to Vista, 98, 95, and earlier.

    Of all the Windows versions, the most tolerable for me is 2000,
    though I can tolerate XP. The worst is ME, with Vista a close second.
    Wes Groleau, Jun 4, 2009
  8. I've also found the Windows 7 beta to be much better than Vista ever was
    under Virtualisation. Though mostly I still use WinXP.
    Jamie Kahn Genet, Jun 5, 2009
  9. I had picked 2000 for my desktop because I was reading about XP and
    MS's goals of giving MS more intrusive access to XP. I'll see who I can
    find to install 2000 on the laptop, then. I'd like to make sure it will
    do WiFi and not mess up whatever later devices are available on the new
    Phil Stripling, Jun 5, 2009
  10. Phil Stripling

    Mike Dee Guest

    In response to your OP, I also have recently purchased a laptop that
    came with MS Vista home edition installed.

    I found it was too slow (a huge resource-pig) and have since wiped the
    drive clean. I reformatted the drive so that I could dual boot Linux
    from one partition and have installed XP Pro onto the other.

    Both XP and Linux are equally snappy and are a much better alternative
    IMO to running Vista.

    I had considered Win 2000 also, but decided against this as I found all
    of the drivers are still current for this newer machine with an XP
    install. I didn't look too hard at Win2k tho' so you might be OK with
    this if you go ahead.

    Mike Dee, Jun 6, 2009
  11. Phil Stripling

    E Z Peaces Guest

    Phil has been posting here since 1994. If he says this group knows
    Windows best, I'm inclined to believe him.
    E Z Peaces, Jun 7, 2009
  12. Gee, thanks to both of you. It is an off-topic query, I'm entitled to
    be taken to task for it, and Michael is entitled to be the one to do
    it. :->

    I did get valuable information from my question, and I thank all who
    posted in the thread. This really is a very knowledgeable group across
    a breadth of topics.

    Now about social security ... .
    Phil Stripling, Jun 8, 2009
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