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Office Depot bait and switch

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Hal Greenlee, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Hal Greenlee

    Hal Greenlee Guest

    Office Depot advertises this week in their Sunday newspaper suppliment, on the
    front page, a laptop for $279.99. Price good until 8/05/06.

    This ad is deceptive in that there is a $70 hidden fee. It states in the
    fineprint that shipping and handling are additional, but the amount is not
    given. And that while the item must be ordered instore, it is available by
    delivery only.

    It mis-states that one can save $480 with the discounts offered. That is
    plainly untrue; the savings cannot be more than $410.

    The ad plainly states that the base configuration price is $279.99. The
    local store manager explained that most of the $70 was for configuration,
    which in fact is not even required.

    This ad is designed to draw people to the local store, only at which time
    they are told of the 25% add-on.

    This is a level of deception I have not seen from Office Depot until recently.
    I will no longer do business with them as they have wasted my time, gas and

    Hal Greenlee, Aug 4, 2006
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  2. Hal Greenlee

    Mike Smith Guest

    What does this have to do with Intel? And besides, $350 still sounds
    pretty cheap to me. (Hell, if they get much cheaper, the OLPC project
    is going to have a hard time justifying its existence...)
    Mike Smith, Aug 4, 2006
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  3. Hal Greenlee

    Yousuf Khan Guest

    What you don't consider those mail-in rebates to be deceptive too?
    They've been around for years. With a mail-in rebate you get back money
    on the original cost of the device, but you don't get back money on any
    of the sales taxes that get added on to it. The sales taxes are always
    calculated on the original cost of the device, not the reduced cost of
    the device.
    Yousuf Khan, Aug 6, 2006
  4. Hal Greenlee

    Judd Guest

    Plus, it takes a certain level of harrassment and memory to get your money
    back. I've always had to ask more than once to get my money back from those
    "rebates" and while they say 6-10 weeks, it's usually more like 16-32 weeks.
    I've had them spend 6 months trying to get me a $10 rebate. They hope
    you'll either stop trying or forget about it. Don't forget to turn them in
    right away too. They expire pretty quick so procrastination will cost you.
    Office Depot's rewards card was another total ripoff. It took me a year to
    get my $30 reward. They kept losing my numbers and my rewards points
    somehow. I've long since given up on Office Depot. They are the worst
    outfit out there.
    Judd, Aug 12, 2006
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