Officejet G85xi Scanner no longer works

Discussion in 'HP' started by Reed Loefgren, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. I have an Officejet G85xi that no longer sees the scanner. It's less
    than a year old and has otherwise worked great. I have re-installed
    the HP software, following strictly the instructions, but, although
    the printer/copier functions work, the system (NT4 SP6a), says the
    scanner is disconnected. The little app that mirrors the HP's lcd
    panel also does not function (of course.)

    I'm using the lp cable with an extender, but that had never been an
    issue so I'm assuming that it's not implicated now. I can't say when
    this scanner function stopped working because I rarely use it, but it
    did at one time work.

    Thanks for any help,

    Reed Loefgren, Sep 25, 2003
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  2. Reed Loefgren

    Clark Kent Guest

    You are using WindowsXP. The Scanner on the top of the G85 isn't supported
    by XP.

    Sorry, there is no driver.

    Good luck
    Clark Kent, Sep 26, 2003
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  3. Reed Loefgren

    Clark Kent Guest

    Just reread your post, you stated otherwise, your OS is (NT4 SP6a). IE, the
    same thing as WindowsXP (basicly). I am surprised it *ever* worked on an NT
    Clark Kent, Sep 26, 2003
  4. I think the Redmond gang would bristle at your suggestion that XP is
    even basically the same as NT4. :) I'm not a Microsoft acolyte; if my
    wife didn't need Autocad I'd have her on Slackware in a heartbeat.

    Nonetheless, the scanner _did_ initially work. When I installed the
    box I made the mistake of installing networking from within the
    install program. I have since read a lot of posts suggesting that it
    is much better to install NT then go back in after installation and
    install networking. I was thinking of doing this to try and get this
    machine to recognise an HP LJ4 on the network. Perhaps this is finally
    the chance to do this and see if it clears up the scanner issue.

    Having had it working properly for quite a while I am now doomed to
    struggle like Sisyphus to get it working again...

    I'll post the outcome.

    Reed Loefgren, Sep 26, 2003
  5. Reed Loefgren

    Ben Myers Guest

    But Windows XPee IS NT4 with support for some new peripheral types, support for
    FAT32, and a user interface designed by the Cartoon Network TV people!

    Just about every piece of HP scanner software gets itself wrapped around the
    axle now and then. This is chronic with HP scanner software. I wish they would
    fix their damnable software once and for all, or maybe "fix" the programmers who
    wrote it. Several times I have had to uninstall all the scanner software, and
    manually remove EVERY shred of information from the registry plus all files left
    behind by a poorly written uninstall program. Then and only then does the
    scanner get reinstalled properly. Or... You can blow away the entire hard drive
    and reload NT from scratch, as if you had nothing else important to do in the
    world. Yeah, right. All any of us have to do all day long is play with
    horrendously written Micro$oft and HP software.

    In response to a previous posting, why wouldn't the G85xi scan, fax, and print
    with XP or NT? The drivers are right there on the HP web site... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 27, 2003

  6. Ben,

    And re-install it is.

    Just checked the HP site and the driver they list is from April, 2001;
    probably the same one as is on the CD that came with the OJ, so why
    waste the 30MB download?

    It's 10:00 Saturday and I _do_ have nothing better to do, but your
    point is well-taken. "Uninstaller" programs for Windows are so lame
    it's breathtaking, so I like to screw down the install and then never
    touch it again except to blow it out and re-install. Luckily, my
    wife's software needs are fairly static and all the data is on the
    server. (However, I will actually physically unplug the cat5 from the
    box, so suspicious am I of Windows doing things behind my back at
    install time.)
    Reed Loefgren, Sep 27, 2003
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