Okay, I'm Still a Moron... Help with racing secondary HD on G5

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Tracy Doyle, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Tracy Doyle

    Tracy Doyle Guest


    Well, I finally got my brand new G5 dual up and running. I have 1.5GB RAM,
    and I added a 250 GB secondary internal HD. Shipped with OS 10.3.5
    installed. When I launched the first time (last Thursday), some ISP
    weirdness prevented me from getting online and doing the updating routine,
    which I forgot all about.

    So, everything was running along just fine, but I decided to install the
    system software on my secondary HD yesterday so I could boot from it in an
    emergency. The only thing I had on that drive previously was some data from
    my old machine. I also installed DiskWarrior on both drives. After the
    system installation, naturally, it booted from my secondary drive and ran
    all the necessary updaters (I didn't install much extra software - just what
    I might need to get online to download stuff in an emergency), including
    upgrading the system to 10.3.8. Also got a firmware update which I ran. Then
    I chose my original HD as my startup disk, rebooted, and ran the updater on

    Fine. Everything seems to work okay, except now that whoppin' big HD2, for
    no apparent reason, spins like mad every once in a while. It really drove me
    nuts last night, but when I woke up my machine this morning, it was quiet
    for about a half hour, then VRRROOOOMMM!!! And it's a noisy mutha.

    Is this because I installed the system software on it? Or is it some
    preference I need to reset in my finder? Or is it just Disk Warrior doing
    its thing?

    I'm thinking about wiping the drive and just using it for data. Would that
    stop the HD zoomies?

    What think ye?

    Tracy Doyle, Mar 16, 2005
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  2. Tracy Doyle

    Alwyn Guest

    Are you sure it's the hard drive? I know there's a problem with the fans
    on OS 10.3.8, which are reputed to rev up alarmingly at odd intervals. I
    would hope that this problem would be sorted out in the next revision of
    the OS.

    Alwyn, Mar 16, 2005
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  3. Tracy Doyle

    Tracy Doyle Guest

    Oh, crap... That could be it. Any issues with restoring to 10.3.5? After 7
    years of listening to the deafening fan motor on my G3 beige box, I was so
    HAPPY with my new, quiet machine!

    Tracy Doyle, Mar 16, 2005
  4. Tracy Doyle

    Alwyn Guest

    You could revert to an earlier version of the OS or set Processor
    Performance to Highest in the Energy Saver part of your System
    Preferences. I'm told that that also solves the problem, though it will
    also result in higher overall power consumption.

    Alwyn, Mar 16, 2005
  5. Tracy Doyle

    Tracy Doyle Guest

    Read that, just tried that. The fan is quieter, but still louder than
    before. I'm seriously considering restoring 10.3.5. This is RIDICULOUS!

    And yes, it is the fan. It was running like a darned vacuum cleaner. I have
    four dogs, and the dog hair on my grille was proof! Guess I'm going to have
    to get an air filter for it if it's going to suck air like that.


    Tracy Doyle, Mar 16, 2005
  6. You can just do an archive and install of the earlier version of the
    OS. There's no prblem doing that.

    Cathy Stevenson, Mar 16, 2005
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