Old Timer has problem..Kg-7- R

Discussion in 'Abit' started by job60, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. job60

    job60 Guest

    Hi, Guy's....I haven't been here for a while..Have had no
    problems....Well with the comp anyway.
    But last weekend I got a BIOS error on my Kg-7R , Tried to reflash then
    I ordered a new chip from Abit and it just arrived....I have never had
    to replace a BIOS chip before.
    And was hoping to get some info on the best proceeger.
    And just want to say to "Q" and Tom an Homie and that bird wacker out
    in California..Hope you guy's are well...
    job60, Mar 31, 2006
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  2. job60 wrote:
    | Hi, Guy's....I haven't been here for a while.

    Long time no see. Nice to see you back.

    Hopefully the new BIOS chip sorts you out and someone happens along to give
    an idea the best processor to run in your board.

    Bird JanitorĀ®, Mar 31, 2006
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  3. job60

    0_Qed Guest

    KG&R ... ????

    Any 'further' detail ???
    'We' mite be able to help, given more info.
    Conjecture wont suffice.

    My Alum Helmut is currently at =full= power ... nothing recieved.

    I 'too' have one running ... knock wood, as "he" says.

    Lay a piece of dental floss into the eeprom socket ,
    under the new, to_be inserted eeprom chip ,
    aides in removal the "next" time.
    'It' beats the removal tool all 'hollow'.
    Get a 'BS'.

    Look for prior posts by "Wes" ... hes got the 'scoop'.
    Check his URL too ... the info is probably 'there'.

    I have his advisories, on this subject, =ALL= too safely filed away
    in my ?DB? ... which uses a broken A-Z search algorithm .
    'All' data remains 100%, =entirely= safe from retrieval.

    If you're running XP , and install a new cpu, make sure you can
    XP from the "full" CDs you have ( ?have? you ).
    btw, XP doesnt like HDs in swopped_around rack & tray ... very much.

    Le Homie seems to be in 'hiding' ... he and Whitie Bolger ,
    .... and Zip Collins, the Boston Ex-FBI guy.
    Whities' old store of 500 dollar bills show up in the EU, once in a

    TomG is 'some' alive and well ... the Mustang Ranch took his 'CC' away,
    He recently fell off ( ??? ) a Carib cruise ship ... rumored to have
    washed ashore
    in Cancum MX,
    he then arrived on US 'shores' weighing in at 70 lbs.
    Lottsa Veneusian 'smiles' yet 'remain' in Cancun.

    Jef is as 'Jef' is.
    He hasnt yet totally cleaned out his pool.
    'We' think his real estate is slowly slipping out from under it's
    established metes & bounds ... down the hill into the Bay.

    Me? Just installed heated poles on the bar top ... the 'lovelies' love

    0_Qed, Mar 31, 2006
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