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Older (Non 12V) Power supply for AN7 system

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by und zen, May 26, 2004.

  1. und zen

    und zen Guest


    I'm thinking of upgrading my T-Bird 1200 on a Gigabyte 7ZX mobo to an Athlon
    2500+ on an Abit AN7 motherboard. I currently have a good-quality Antec
    400W power supply but it's not the ATX 12V supply with the additional 4-pin
    12VDC plug. Do I have to have this on the AN7? If so, is there an
    alternative to buying a newer power supply?

    Thanks in advance

    und zen, May 26, 2004
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  2. und zen

    Peder Guest

    They have an adapter for this situation:

    Peder, May 26, 2004
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