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Discussion in 'MSI' started by torrey, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. torrey

    torrey Guest

    My self-built K8T Neo FSR ran fine for 18 nonths then started working
    intermittently. One day no problem, next day can't power on, next day
    fine again, next day won't power on for several days, then works for
    days/weeks at a time. Currently not powering on.

    When power fails on I get the following:

    1 beep (pause) 8 beeps / 30 second pause 2 beeps (pause) 1 beep

    Any ideas/translations/suggestions?



    MSI K8T Neo-FSR
    Enhance 400 W Power Supply
    AMD Athalon 64 3000
    MSI 5600 xt Video Card
    2 Samsung 512 MB PC 3200 400 RAM
    Windows XP Pro added sp2
    West Digital 36 GB SATA 10000RPM
    ATX Case
    torrey, Oct 12, 2005
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  2. torrey

    DaveL Guest

    The beep codes can only be deciphered when you know what brand bios you
    have. Most boards these days come with the Award bios. Award only
    officially lists one beep code and that's one long beep and two short which
    means bad video card. My board also had the award bios and when the caps
    went bad on it I had a hard time booting it. The beep code was an
    alternating hi/low tone like a siren.

    I'd say try reseating the video card, then reseat everything else like the
    ram. If the cpu goes you normally don't get any beeps at all. You could
    also try another power supply.

    DaveL, Oct 13, 2005
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