"One slot left" - Gateway 810 Intel "Flex ATX" Move sound or video to it ?

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by R. Asby Dragon, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. I scored a Gateway "cute little box" ; FLEXATXSTC BRO Essential;
    800P3 for my wife. For her needs; it's almost perfect. She's not a
    hardcore gamer; she uses "lightweight" business apps. Reality is
    that it's mostly email and surfing <g>

    We have (finally) got broadband via Verizon DSL ; she can now do
    streaming video/audio; but it's "stutter/bump/herky jerky" . It's
    not the connection; it works fine on my "max tweaked" K6/III + box
    at 580 mhz.

    There's two half-height PCI slots available; one's filled with the
    necessary (stock) LinkSys NIC. (everything else is on the mobo)

    Both video and audio are "onboard"; the "Intel Extreme" graphics is
    built into the chipset and I really don't think it's the cause of
    the problem. I'm suspecting it's the AC97 audio. I've *never* had
    good luck with anybody's AC97 onboard "audio (??)" .

    FWIW; it's running 98SE; fully patched and WinUped ( guess who did
    the techbeta on both<g>); 384 megs; all drivers and mobo BIOS
    current; and I've done whatever's possible with Gateway's meager
    BIOS options to shut off "stuff" or otherwise 'optimize' this box.
    The only "legacy" item is an onboard modem as Com1 -- everthing else
    is USB 1.1 .

    I'm leaning at doing the sound card as first attack; I can buy a
    Yamaha chipsetted noisemaker with a PCB that's "half-height PCI" but
    a full-height bracket for $9 .. reworking the bracket is a
    no-brainer ..

    Ant better ideas ??
    R. Asby Dragon, Jun 4, 2004
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  2. R. Asby Dragon

    Mac Cool Guest

    Make sure all codecs up to date. Disable the onboard audio and see if it
    cures the problem. If it doesn't, try the video card from your machine.
    Mac Cool, Jun 4, 2004
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