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ONSITE-Embedded Testing with QNX- for TOP MNC-CMM Level Company

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Sudha HR, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Sudha HR

    Sudha HR Guest

    Requirements for Embedded Testing on QNX/Vx Works,Onsite Opportunity
    for 6 Months

    Hi All,

    Currently we do have Immediate Requirement with our Top MNC client
    Company (A World Leading Product Based Companies), located in
    Bangalore. we are looking for the following skill sets

    Note : If you are applying for this positions Please do mention the
    subject as follows otherwise it’s very difficult for us to trace the
    resume in Future Requirements

    E.g. :- Applying for Embedded Testing, QNX

    Skill Sets:-
    Technologies: - Embedded Testing(Manual Testing, Automation Testing)
    Experienced in Test Designs and Methodologies, Frameworks
    Operating System: QNX, Vx Works
    Domain: Entertainment and Games Testing

    Looking for 4 to 7 Years of experience

    Interested candidates pls send your updated resume to

    Personal skills:
    1. Strong analytical abilities.
    2. Able to work in a team & across different product teams with good
    building abilities.
    3. Good written and oral communication skills.

    Education MS/ME/Mtech, BE/Btech, MCA/MSC Any Specialization

    Plz do mention the following details otherwise we can’t process those
    profile to Siemens

    Total years of Experience :
    Relevant Experience :
    Current Organization :
    Employment Type (Permanent/Contract):
    Current CTC: Lacks P/A
    Expected CTC: Lacks P/A
    Time required to join: Days
    Date of Birth:
    Education :
    MCA : Regular_ % , Year_
    BE/ME : Regular_ % , Year_
    BSC : Regular_ % , Year_
    10 + 2 : Regular_ % , Year_
    10th : Regular_ % , Year_

    Following requirements which we have to close in September 2008

    Salary will not be a constraint for the right candidate.

    Kindly Ignore this mail if it doesn't match your profile.

    As the No of Requirements are large you can Forward this References of
    Your Friends/Colleagues / Known ones who might be interested for this
    and those who are looking for Change.

    Thanks for your time…have a wonderful day ahead!!!!!!
    Best Regards,
    Sudha Naikar(HR-Recruitments)
    Email :
    Sudha HR, Sep 24, 2008
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