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onsite warranty with Dell?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by David C, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. David C

    David C Guest

    Is Dell the only company that provides that?

    I've gone through two laptops within 9 months.

    Gateway: When I hooked up a flat screen monitor to it, sparks begin to fly
    and fried up the mother board. Gateway's response? Customer damage. NEVER
    buy Gateway computers

    Sony VAIO, refurbished. Bought from www.notebookshop.com in Cerritos
    California. Supposedly after the 90 day warranty expired, the store was
    supposed to provide 1 year warranty. WRONG. The problem occured with the
    power jack. It kept dying. The scholars' response from notebookshop.com?
    "Customer damage" What? Just plugging in and out the AC adaptor
    constitutes "customer damage" They say SONY's power jacks are known to go
    bad. Then why did you sell it to me?

    Again, it's Notebookshop.com. You are heavily advised against shopping

    I work as a self-employed consultant. That means I go on site a lot.
    Without the laptop, I don't make money.

    Any recommendations? I heard about Dell's onsite service. Is it worth it?
    Do they play hardball with warranty too?
    David C, Sep 30, 2004
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  2. David C

    Conway Yee Guest

    Note IBM's:

    "IBM ServicePac for Warranty and Maintenance Options (applies to United
    States only)

    These upgrades are available for machines normally used for business,
    professional or trade purposes rather than personal, family or
    household purposes. Subject to IBM ServicePac Maintenance Service
    Agreement. For ServicePacs with onsite repair, the customer may be
    asked certain diagnostic questions before a technician is sent, and
    there may be some repairs that require depot service."

    1. Personal laptops are not covered (although they will very happily
    sell you worthless coverage anyway for your personal laptop if you
    don't read the fine print).

    2. They don't guarantee on site service. They just offer the OPTION
    at their discretion.

    Conway Yee
    Conway Yee, Sep 30, 2004
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  3. David C

    Al Dykes Guest

    I've managed sites with hundreds of Dell and Toshiba systems, 95%
    laptops. We always took the 3 year warranty. Dell did service
    on-site. Toshiba was on-site for desktops and authorized service
    centers for Toshiba.

    Both companies were very good. A call to Dell service would try to
    troubleshoot over the phone, or identify the necessary replacement
    part. They would schedule a time and place, next day, and the service
    guy always showed up with thr right part, on time.

    The Toshiba service center was very good. Sometimes parts were on
    backorder and took a week to come in, but most repairs were done on a
    couple days.

    This was before Dell outsourced they phone people, and I _have_ had
    some horrible problems with Dell customer service on the phone, but
    the technicians have always been great. I think Dell has turned the
    boat around and is fixing their phone support problems.

    I never had a Dell or Toshiba guy try to claim something wasn't

    I've managed lots of HP servers and printers and the service was
    always first rate, but I own a Compaq )HP) laptop and I had to raise
    my voice a notch to het them to replace a failed kbd on it that was
    covered under warranty. They tried to claim it was abuse until I put
    on my corporate voice. They caved in right away.

    I've never dealt with IBM laptop maintenance but I expect they do a
    first rate job, within the limits of whatever contract you have.

    Always read the fine print. For example; on 3 year contracts the
    batteries are only covered for 1 year. It looks like you are already
    doing that. Never never buy a third-party warranty agreement from a
    retail computer store.

    All of my experience is from Manhattan sites, where service guys are
    only a few minutes away. If you are in Kansas your experience might
    be different. This isn't critical if you fedex a laptop to a service
    Al Dykes, Sep 30, 2004
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