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OpenBoot: Data Access Exception .... drops to OK prompt

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by averageuser, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. averageuser

    averageuser Guest

    Turned on diagnotistics, and diag-verbosity to 9.
    In the end, I get "Data Access Exception" at the end and drops to ok prompt.
    Any ideas what this would be ?

    Processor Speed = 500 MHz
    Baud rate is 9600
    8 Data bits, 1 stop bits, no parity (configured from lom)

    Firmware CORE Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    @(#) core 1.0.3 2001/01/03 13:54
    Software Power ON
    Verifying NVRAM...Done
    Bootmode is 0
    [New I2C DIMM address]
    MCR0 = 36a0bc04
    MCR1 = c0804000
    MCR2 = f3000ff
    MCR3 = cf
    Ecache Size = 256 KB
    Clearing E$ Tags Done
    Clearing I/D TLBs Done
    Probing memory
    Clearing memory...Done
    Turning ON MMUs Done
    Copy ROM to RAM (168992 bytes) Done
    Orig PC=0x1fff0007e48 New PC=0xf0f07ea0
    Processor Speed=500MHz
    Looking for Dropin FVM ... found
    Decompressing Client Done
    Transferring control to Client...

    ttya initialized
    Reset Control: BXIR:0 BPOR:0 SXIR:0 SPOR:1 POR:0
    Probing upa at 1f,0 pci pci pci
    Probing upa at 0,0 SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIe SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIe (256 Kb)
    Loading Support Packages: kbd-translator
    Loading onboard drivers: ebus flashprom eeprom idprom SUNW,lomh
    Probing /[email protected],1 Device 3 pmu i2c temperature dimm dimm i2c-nvram
    idprom motherboard-fru fan-control
    Probing Memory Bank #0 512 Megabytes
    Probing Memory Bank #1 512 Megabytes
    Probing Memory Bank #2 0 Megabytes
    Probing Memory Bank #3 0 Megabytes
    Data Access Exception
    averageuser, Jun 30, 2004
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