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Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Neal Stoughton, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. I have had a reliable G6-400 for many years, upgraded with a Powerleap, and
    running XP Pro.

    Just lately the system crashes and when I get back to look at the monitor, I
    have the message "operating system not found". Upon rebooting it boots fine
    from the hard disk fine until suddenly it crashes again with the
    aforementioned message. What could be going on?
    Neal Stoughton, Aug 10, 2004
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  2. Neal Stoughton

    Ben Myers Guest

    First, I would recommend replacing the C2032 3v lithium battery if you haven't
    done so recently. Computers do odd things when the battery is dying.

    Second, I would clean out the cobwebs and dust bunnies with a can of compressed
    air. Heat may be the culprit.

    Third, could the mix of programs you are running have changed significantly? If
    so, adding more system memory may help out.

    Fourth, do a disk cleanup to get rid of much of the temporary file garbage
    cluttering up your system, slowing it down, and taxing its use of memory.

    Without a more comprehensive description of the types of crashes you are
    experiencing, this is about all I can suggest... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Aug 10, 2004
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  3. Your hard drive is dying. Back up what you can, while you can - then test
    the drive with the utility from its manufacturer.

    High probability is that it will fail and you will need a new drive.
    Edward J. Neth, Aug 10, 2004
  4. Neal Stoughton

    carrie Guest

    Had that error message before.....Hard drive usually is GONE.....Maybe you
    can give it a shrp tap and try to back up your important files or no joke
    put in a freezer and then try to back up your stuff...heard it will work
    sometimes....Good luck...Harry
    carrie, Aug 15, 2004
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