Opinions on GA-K8NS Ultra 939

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by wamaruna, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. wamaruna

    wamaruna Guest

    Looking to buy my first 939 board with a 3000+ CPU. Don't want to spend
    more than I have to (like that is unique). The specs on this board look
    decent, but I can't find much in the way of reviews despite Googling around.
    I also can't tell from the web pictures what are on the two card edge
    connectors. Presumably one has the additional audio ports. The other must
    have IEEE1394? I presume the additional 4 USB ports are headers on the
    mobo. Any info appreciated - downsides, upsides..
    wamaruna, Mar 6, 2005
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  2. Why?...go nForce 4 and PCI Express.
    Richard Dower, Mar 6, 2005
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  3. wamaruna

    wamaruna Guest

    Spent over $100 not more than a month ago on an ATI 9600 AGP vid board with
    256MN of RAM - that's mainly why.
    wamaruna, Mar 6, 2005
  4. wamaruna

    Paul Reis Guest

    I'm running on this board as we speak, with the same chip you are thinnking
    of getting. It's running very good, cept i haven't been able to install sp2.
    I keep getting a bluescreen during the reboot after the install, I believe
    it's a usb 2.0 issue, not sure though I'm still working on it. I've had it
    for about a week.
    I'll let ya know how it turns out
    Paul Reis, Mar 6, 2005
  5. wamaruna

    David Wilts Guest

    Just picked one up today so I will let you know - I have the K8ns 939
    (non ultra) and it's a rock solid board . almost no room for
    overclocking if your looking for that (I was not since I set it up as a
    Media Center PC). I had the K8NS Pro which is pretty much the 754 twin
    of the ultra 939 - and it was a great great mobo - ran my 2800+ at
    2.4Ghz all day long.
    David Wilts, Mar 7, 2005
  6. wamaruna

    Ed Light Guest

    I have the plain K8NS-939 and 3200+ Winchester. Oh yeah! I truly recommend

    But there are hidden tricks to it, as I'll elaborate.

    As to the ports, download the manual from

    But it neglects to tell you, I think, to press CTRL + F1 in the BIOS for
    half the advanced chipset stuff, which you especially need if you're
    overclocking. Including hypertransport ratio and memory timings, AGP, etc.

    I have it for now at 2450 clock, 10x on the cpu at 1.5v (set to auto,
    necessary for cool'n'quiet, though you can use crystalcpuid instead),
    hypertransport at 4x, memory one speed down. So it's a 3800++.


    CTRL + F1 for Advanced Chipset option in BIOS.

    Voltage readings for the cpu vary depending on what software you're using --
    probably from .05 low to .05 high.

    If you overclock and set the memory low then watch out for it resetting to
    auto at tighter timings, as if it wasn't going to go up in speed with the
    clock settings. So note down the settings you want in case you have to put
    it on manual again. It might do it on a boot hang from wrong o/c settings,
    or maybe when you lower the memory speed. I unoverclocked it and rebooted
    with memory on stock speed and timings on auto, and then wrote them down.

    Memory voltage can only be raised .2v.

    You can get out of overclocking hangs on boot by quickly going into the

    If you don't overclock, then that stuff isn't a challenge to you. You could
    just probably let the motherboard set optimal settings ( a choice ).

    Ed Light

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    Thanks, robots.
    Ed Light, Mar 9, 2005
  7. wamaruna

    wano Guest

    HI. im new in the forum... and im actually from chile... i found this
    opinions for the gigabyte in google... and i wonder if you could help
    me... Ed Light seems to know a lot of this MOBO... so thats why i ask

    i got the same MOBO... and i cant find the option to make the memory
    run slower than the FSB... i know how to do it... but the thing is
    there is not an option on the bios... 1 option is to make mem not to
    go more than 200mhz... i used it... but the memory was at 460mhz
    anyways... my OC is from a winchester 3200+ to 2300mhz... and my
    Memorys are very good for OC... but the MOBO is killing my oc with
    the only 0.2 plus voltage...

    so... i want my overclock to be (i dont know very well how to spell
    it... sry) to be anequal... i mean... i want to make mems slower than
    the FSB... so i can bring the 3200+ from the 2000mhz to 2600 at
    least... and the mems or mems voltage is killing my idea... all i
    want is to know how to make memory run slower... any help will be
    usefull... i use the bios of the official web site F5... because i
    just recived this mobo... like 2 weeks ago...

    well thx and SALU2!!!
    wano, Apr 1, 2005
  8. wamaruna

    Rick M. Guest

    I just switched to this board about 4 weeks ago, and so far it works
    like a champ. I bought one of these a refurb from Newegg for only $59,
    but have had no problems whatsoever. I downloaded the drivers and pdf
    manuals from Gigabyte's web site, and Gigabyte does offer the I/O
    shield, USB2.0/Firewire L-bracket and the audiopak sur_cen L-bracket if
    you need them, but for those who don't, this board is a great deal at
    $59 if you don't mind dealing with refurb mobos (which come with
    *nothing*, just the mobo - no manuals, drivers, cables, etc.) The only
    thing is, I just checked Newegg, and it looks as if they're out of stock
    on this mobo in both retail and refurb versions.

    Although Gigabyte doesn't say this board runs with Winchester core
    (90nm) processors on their supported CPU list, I have a 3000+ winchester
    core proc running just fine on it. I do recommend that you upgrade the
    BIOS to F5 if it doesn't have it already if doing so however.

    As for OCing, the board's BIOS is rather anemic compared to other
    NForce3 boards however. But if you're not into OCing, no big deal.

    The mobo manual says that if you are using only one pair of RAM sticks
    (in dual channel mode), the mobo only supports single sided RAM,
    although I have read that others have succesfully used double sided RAM
    on it. I'm using a pair of Corsair Valueselect sticks (2x256, 512MB total).

    One thing I really like about this board is that it has 1394"B"
    (Firewire 800) headers *onboard*, as opposed to most mobo firewire
    implementations being 1394"A". If you do use the 1394B ports however,
    be sure to download Microsoft's KB885222 hotfix patch if you plan on
    running WindowsXP with Service Pack 2. This is because Microsoft
    screwed up the OHCI driver in SP2 so that firewire devices would end up
    being dumbed down to S100 speeds only, including firewire 400 devices.
    The fix was to reinstall the older SP1 OHCI/firewire controller device
    drivers. The KB885222 hotfix addresses that problem.

    You'll also want to be sure to order a USB2.0/1394B L-bracket from
    Gigabyte ($18US) if you do get a refurb mobo, as it doesn't come with it
    unless you get a retail mobo package, and trying to find a 1394B
    L-bracket is a PITA aside from ordering it from Gigabyte.

    The dual LAN is a nice feature too. The 10/100 is on the northbridge
    itself, and the northbridge includes a hardware firewall on this LAN
    port, although I find the browser based administration software rather
    clumsy and awkward to use. The Marvell Gigabit ethernet is implemented
    as PCI bus device however, and works beautifully, but under heavy usage,
    you can saturate the PCI bus using it.

    Rick M., Apr 2, 2005
  9. wamaruna

    aaron Guest

    hello wano

    try accessing the some advanced bios options by pressing CTRL + F1

    hope that helps gl.

    aaron, Apr 6, 2005
  10. wamaruna

    Ed Light Guest

    I've just returned from a long trip!

    I see another person has answered your question about how to get to the
    advanced bios settings.

    Can't remember what I previously wrote.

    I too have the winchester 3200+. Mine is at 240 clock, 1.5v, 4x
    hypertransport, memory at 166, so it's running at 2400 with hypertransport
    at 1000 and memory at 200/pc400.

    This with a K8NS-939, 2 Kingmax dual channel kits, so 4 512mb sticks. So
    fast. Can surf the net while running prime95.

    Ed Light

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    Ed Light, Apr 20, 2005
  11. wamaruna

    Ed Light Guest

    Oops. hypertransport at 240 x 4 = 960

    Ed Light

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    Thanks, robots.
    Ed Light, Apr 20, 2005
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