Optiplex 170L/E153FPc Monitor

Discussion in 'Dell' started by 4poster, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. 4poster

    4poster Guest

    My Display started acting strange and gradually
    ended with it appearing on bootup, or if I power cycled
    and then would blank out.

    I was told it could be the power options in Control Panel,
    which permanently set the monitor in power saver mode,
    and if I selected "never" for the monitor the PC would reset the monitor
    hibernate control.

    My power options function is corrupted and there are no schemes in that
    panel. System Restore didn't help, so I had a HP Pc where the power option
    was functional and I interfaced the monitor to that PC with the power saver
    set to "never" for the monitor and that didn't help.

    Attempts to get help from Dell were maddening. They run you around in
    circles and when they give you a chance to email them, for some reason you
    never get the chance.
    4poster, Dec 21, 2009
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  2. 4poster

    4poster Guest

    Thanks Christopher,

    I have a new 18" Acer attached to my PC and it's fine.
    I also hooked up the Dell monitor to a good working HP PC,
    so I pretty well narrowed it down to the display. BTW, the Acer was only $85
    at Staples, with an extended warranty for $5, but I can change xistors or
    even chips, as I have been a tech for forty years, so that's not an issue,
    but I do like to locate service literature if possible.

    I saw another post about restoring the OEM operating system by accessing the
    boot menu, but when I tried there wan no option available. Any help on that?
    4poster, Dec 21, 2009
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  3. 4poster

    4poster Guest

    Latest development:It seems the SP3 update causes a loss of content in the
    power options and the registry must be repaired (hotkey). I performed the
    procedure and restored that function. Thanks again for all your advice,
    4poster, Dec 22, 2009
  4. 4poster

    4poster Guest

    No, but I can troubleshoot it because I have much experience in this area. I
    was concerned about, not only the Power Saver function, but also the fact
    that WIN XP kept showing up in my recycle bin and so far it seems to have
    cleared up. If I repair the display it'll either be a spare or I may give it
    to someone in need.
    4poster, Dec 23, 2009
  5. 4poster

    4poster Guest

    Thanks, Pedro

    Very kind of you. I did get a great Acer monitor at Staples for $85, so if I
    do troubleshoot the Dell. i'll use it as a backup or shre it with a needy
    4poster, Dec 23, 2009
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