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OS X86 on which Intel mb?

Discussion in 'Intel' started by The New Guy, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. The New Guy

    The New Guy Guest

    I was looking for suggestions as to what Intel motherboard seems to have
    the least problems when installing OS X86? I was hoping to get a 965
    chipset board but there doesn't seem to be many OS X86 users that have
    experimented with it. I'm looking for:

    800 mhz / 8 gb ram capability

    Firewire (800 would be nice but 400 will suffice)

    Intel Matrix Raid (for Raid 0 speed)

    Full size board with 3 or more PCI slots, and a couple of PCI-Ex1 slots.
    1 PCI-Ex16 slot will suffice. I'm not sure if there are any high end
    sound cards using PCI-Express yet. If there are, then I guess having a
    PCI-Ex8 or PCI-Ex4 as well, would be good.

    ATX configuration.

    High end CPU's are so expensive these days that I'll hold off on that
    area, so I'm not worried about how high a ghz chip it will run.

    Eventually I would like to try a Ram Drive (especially when they come
    out running DDR2 ram). 4x1gb sticks in each, both running in Raid 0
    would be sweet and fast if workable. Too bad 2gb sticks are so expensive
    at the moment. Imagine 8gb's in each, running 800mhz or faster ram x 2
    running in Raid 0? That should give an OS new spunk.
    The New Guy, Jan 26, 2007
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