OSX Finder prevents copies/moves using clustered filesystem under NFS

Discussion in 'Apple' started by ilmdba, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. ilmdba

    ilmdba Guest


    i'm deploying a large NFS/CIFS fileserver setup from spinnaker
    networks (which is awesome, by the way) which uses a clustered
    filesystem underneath the NFS/CIFS services.

    depending on where you are in the directory tree, there are different
    amounts of space available for use, as multiple physical volumes are
    traversed via the same directory namespace.

    here is an example of the layout, and space available:

    path free space
    -------------------- ----------
    /san 10mb
    /san/home 20mb
    /san/home/someuser1 40gb
    /san/home/someuser2 50gb

    the problem is, that OSX (and pretty much every other OS) report the
    amount of free space available, by checking the space available at the
    NFS mount point, rather than at the actual directory you are in.

    so when i have /san NFS mounted, and i cd to /san/home/someuser1,
    there is really 40gb of free space, the finder is reporting back that
    there is only 10mb of free space, because the path is NFS mounted on
    /san, and it stats /san to figure out what the free space is for the
    NFS mount.

    i can deal with the reporting back bogus free space info, that i don't
    think i can get around due to the way NFS and mount are implimented
    pretty much everywhere. but the finder will not allow users to
    drag-and-drop copy or move more data than what it -thinks- is

    copies/moves via shell/command line work fine, but of course that's
    not useful to most mac users, except for us unix-types.

    what i need is a way to tell OSX to forget about what the finder
    thinks is available, and go ahead and allow the user to copy/move
    their data.

    is there any way to poke the finder into not trying to prevent the
    user from doing the operation?

    i suspect this will be a problem for anyone trying to use a
    clustered/distributed filesystem underneath NFS on OSX.

    any ideas?

    ilmdba, Nov 27, 2003
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