OT: Biostar M7NCG400 & 2400-M multiplier problem

Discussion in 'Biostar' started by KOzOK, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. KOzOK

    KOzOK Guest

    Hey guys, just build cheap amd box. Not looking to overclock it just need
    cool, quiet system to run 24/7. Googling didnt shed much light on this,
    that is why I'm posting here.
    Biostar M7NCG400 ver.7.2, 2400-M 35W, PDP ram PC3200 2x256. Problem is
    maximum multiplier I can select in BIOS is 12.5x. When set to "default"
    motherboard sets it @ 6x. I'm currently running 12.5x133 (1666Mhz),
    everything is nice and stable, XP installed no problem. Flashing BIOS didnt
    help. There are no jumpers on the motherboard for setting mp. that I can
    CPU-Z shows following info:
    AMD Athlon XP-M
    Code Name: Barton
    Family:6 Model:A Stepping:0
    Ext. Family:7 Ext. Model:A

    Chip itself is labeled:
    AXMD2400FJQ4C Z388473A40200
    IQYHA 0402 SPMQ

    In the past I only build Intel system, so I have no idea if this chip really
    is 2400+. Can any1 point me to a chart or ID prog that would clarify this?
    Temps reported with MBM 5 are 29C idle 34-35 full load. I could bump the
    vcore up and run this sucker @ 166, but would preffer to have it running


    KOzOK, Sep 25, 2004
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  2. Yup, it's definately a 35W 2400+. The "2400" string is the model number, and
    the AXM***D*** indicates it's a 35W mobile.


    Now, for the actual issue at hand, how to get the chip running to it's
    potential :) If you want to run at stock speeds, set the FSB to 200MHz and
    the multiplier to 9. This should give you a very nicely performing system
    without overclocking the CPU at all. Alternatively (and possibly better) is
    to pinmod the chip so that it reports a default 200MHz FSB.
    What's the vcore currently set to? The default vcore for it is 1.35V, so you
    should only require that much to get it running at 1.8GHz. In any case, you
    have enough flexibility in the multiplier selection (at a 200MHz FSB) to get
    you to 2.5GHz, so if you're going to be running at close-to-stock voltages
    then you shouildn't have a problem finding the temperature/performance sweet
    Michael Brown, Sep 25, 2004
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  3. KOzOK

    KOzOK Guest

    Thanky sir. Exacly what I was looking for. Nifty little prog I like it.

    Right now vcore is set @ 1.35V, maximum preformance is not my big concern
    here. This is a secondary box that will be running 24/7. I need it to run
    cool and quiet. I tried it @ 12x166 1.35 Vcore seems stable under 100%
    load, but temps go up to 36-38C. It crashes during windows boot @ 200FSB
    but I probably need to play with RAM timings a bit. Looks like I might
    leave it @ 166 FSB if it survives stress testing.
    KOzOK, Sep 25, 2004
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