OT: Copy VHS to DVD

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Robert R Kircher, Jr., Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Ok so I know this is off topic but I figured someone here could at least get
    me started.

    I want to copy a bunch if VHS tapes to DVD. These tapes are anywhere from
    30 min long to 8 hrs.

    I have never worked with video before so I need a complete primer on what
    hardware and software I need.

    I have a couple of PCs I can put this stuff in. One is a Dell T450 now 1gig
    with 768 mb of ram or my 4550 with 2.4 gig CPU and 768 RAM. I also have a
    PE600 that I can use.

    I assume I need a capture card ( I have a WinTV PCI card but I suspect there
    are better cards) and I'll need a DVD burner. All my DVD players are Sony
    and according to the docs can play both DVD+ and DVD-.

    Any help would be appreciated. Suggestions, links to online info would be
    Robert R Kircher, Jr., Jun 12, 2004
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  2. Robert R Kircher, Jr.

    Dick Guest

    Dick, Jun 12, 2004
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