OT: Hope Springs Eternal ;-)

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Fred Moore, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Fred Moore

    Fred Moore Guest

    Higgs Boson calculations add up to new Armageddon scenario

    A Fermilab theoretical physicist suggests the qualities of the "God
    particle" mean that an alternate universe could easily "spread out and
    destroy us."

    I'm tempted to stop acting randomly.
         --Wally, Dilbert  2010.1.9
    Fred Moore, Feb 20, 2013
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  2. Fred Moore

    JF Mezei Guest

    Cue in the terrorists who threaten to destroy the universe :) So from
    now on, they'll have to check every passenger at airports to see if they
    carry any Higgs Boson particles :)
    JF Mezei, Feb 20, 2013
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  3. Fred Moore

    Fred Moore Guest

    He shoots. He SCOOOORRRRRES!
    Fred Moore, Feb 21, 2013
  4. I'm more interested in the enormous odds that two objects from outer
    space could influence humanity within a couple of hours of each other
    and not be related. Astronomers very quickly told us that there was no
    causal link.
    Since they had no idea that one of the objects existed, how did they
    come to that conclusion so quickly? The micro-Tungusta event wasn't even
    in the forecast. Again, what are the odds.
    I'm sure that the Discovery Channel is already on this like a dog on a

    Leonard Blaisdell, Feb 23, 2013
  5. Fred Moore

    Patty Winter Guest

    Easy: they knew the orbit of 2012 DA14 and were able to quickly
    compute the orbit of the Chelyabinsk meteor, thanks to the known
    locations of the security cameras and dashcams that captured its
    path across the sky. In fact, even before they computed the orbit,
    they could tell that the direction across the sky was completely

    Here's a NASA graphic comparing the orbits:

    http://blogs.nasa.gov/cm/blog/Watch the Skies/posts/post_1361037562855.html

    Their special ran last Saturday. :) It was partly new info about
    2012 DA14 and Chelyabinsk, and partly recycled Discovery footage
    about potential asteroid threats.

    Patty Winter, Feb 23, 2013
  6. Fred Moore

    JF Mezei Guest

    The big question is how come they saw the non-dangerous meteor (DA14)
    but didn't see the Chelyabinsk meteor coming ?

    Or did they see both, but decided that the second one shouldn't be made
    public because they couldn't predict exact location of impact ?
    JF Mezei, Feb 23, 2013
  7. No, no, no. They are the ones that used computer models to make a quick
    conclusion. Computer models, although seeming godlike, approximate
    reality and should, by no means, be counted upon in real life.
    Damn! I'm sorry I missed it. This nearly simultaneous event will
    eventually be evaluated to death. I'm merely a harbinger of the feverish
    true science being conducted right now to see if one event caused the
    other. Bet on it.

    Leonard Blaisdell, Feb 23, 2013
  8. Fred Moore

    Fred Moore Guest

    Now THAT is the TRULY suspicious event! A Discovery channel special
    about asteroids contemporaneous with a twin asteroid/meteor event?!?
    What are the odds?????????????
    Fred Moore, Feb 23, 2013
  9. Fred Moore

    Fred Moore Guest

    As we all know:

    The complete lack of evidence is the surest sign that the conspiracy is
    Fred Moore, Feb 23, 2013
  10. Fred Moore

    Patty Winter Guest

    Patty Winter, Feb 23, 2013
  11. Fred Moore

    Fred Moore Guest

    Fred Moore, Feb 23, 2013
  12. Fred Moore

    JF Mezei Guest

    Undeniable proof of a conspiracy where governments warned the media
    about these events well ahead of time to prepare the population for

    Oh wait, Armageddon happened in 1998, and this year, Bruce Willis was
    busy promoting a Good Day to Die Hard :) ( I really wish they had done
    a sequel to Armageddon to explain how Bruce Willis survived or got
    re-incarnated :)

    Since DA14 was publiscised by NASA well in advance of the event, it gave
    TV channels like Discovery plenty of time to create a special for that
    event. So I am guessing they did last minute editing to add the story of
    the Chelyabinsk meteor onto an already written program.
    JF Mezei, Feb 23, 2013
  13. Fred Moore

    Patty Winter Guest

    [extraneous quotage deleted]

    It's airing again a few times next week on Discovery Science.
    The two events were not related, other than that they were both
    caused by miscellaneous objects orbiting the sun.

    Patty Winter, Feb 23, 2013
  14. Fred Moore

    Wes Groleau Guest

    And the nut-cases are actually part of the conspiracy. Their mission is
    to make the notion of the conspiracy seem so absurd the rest of us
    won't even consider it.

    Wes Groleau

    Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns
    it, and finds himself no wiser than before ... He is full of
    murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having
    come by their ignorance the hard way.
    — Kurt Vonnegut
    Wes Groleau, Feb 23, 2013
  15. Fred Moore

    Tim Streater Guest

    Too small, of course.
    Tim Streater, Feb 23, 2013
  16. Fred Moore

    John Varela Guest

    No, no, no. It was a conspiracy. Of course.
    John Varela, Feb 23, 2013
  17. Fred Moore

    Tim Streater Guest

    I don't recall who the twerp upthread was who mooted a conspiracy, but
    he can go piss up a stick.
    Tim Streater, Feb 23, 2013
  18. Fred Moore

    JF Mezei Guest

    I am surprised the USA didn't blame North Korea for the Chelyabisnk
    meteor :) (it came from the west heading east, right ?)

    We all know it was some of the "guests" hosted by the Men in Black
    (whose headquarters are under the vent building of the Brooklyn tunnel)
    who missed their approach and ended up landing in Russia instead.

    Of course, nobody remembers it because the MIB flashed their thing and
    made everyone forget.

    Still, one wonders just how much warning earth's radars game on that
    meteor. minutes ? hours ? none ?
    JF Mezei, Feb 23, 2013
  19. Fred Moore

    Kurt Ullman Guest

    Depends on whether the meteor had its transponder on or not (grin).
    Kurt Ullman, Feb 23, 2013
  20. Fred Moore

    John Varela Guest

    It was squawking 7600. [No communication.]
    John Varela, Feb 24, 2013
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