OT: kudos for Best Buy

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Journey, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Journey

    Journey Guest

    Best Buy gave me full credit for a HDTV that I bought last July that
    has been having problems towards a different HDTV.

    My Westinghouse 42" HDMI ports have not been working. I called
    Westinghouse and they generated a number for me to give to Best Buy.

    Best Buy had the option of sending someone out to fix my TV, or give
    me full credit towards another one.

    I am very good at negotiating and I tried to develop a humorous
    friendly rapport with both the customer service person and the HDTV
    sales associate. Both were very knowledgeable and professional.

    This time I knew more about what I was looking for, and applied the
    credit towards a Samsung 46" which I think I will like a lot more:


    The TV was on sale so with the full credit the cost to upgrade is
    acceptable, and I get newer technology and a much better TV.

    I did get a 4 year service plan. It was $200-something. My problems
    with my Westinghouse let me see that if I were to have a problem after
    the warranty, and I needed to ship the TV, the cost of shipping alone
    would pay for the warranty. Warrantees provide peace of mind so it's
    worth it for me for that reason.

    46" will be just right for my apartment to give more of a theater
    experience. I have my TV hooked up to 5.1 PC speakers, and I haven't
    found a way to control the volume of them because I don't think the
    HDTVs have an audio out that has a volume control. The volume is
    controlled on the home theater or speaker side. Maybe there will be
    headphone out with variable sound -- Westinghouse didn't have one.

    Anyway, I never would have expected a full credit towards a new TV, so
    kudos for Best Buy.

    I wasn't impressed with the Dell section. There were two XPS 1330
    laptops, and another XPS laptop, no Inspirons, and of course no
    Latitudes or Vostros because they are business. I dislike the 1330
    very much. I did see the MacBook Air and like it. If it had a
    removable battery it would be a winner.
    Journey, Mar 5, 2008
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  2. Journey

    Tom Scales Guest

    I have a little earlier version of this TV in my bedroom and like it a
    Tom Scales, Mar 5, 2008
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  3. Journey

    Journey Guest

    Great -- that means a lot because you know a lot about these TVs.
    Journey, Mar 5, 2008
  4. Journey

    Journey Guest

    And actually, the size of the MacBook Air is so convenient, even
    without a removeable battery it's a winner for those who will find the
    battery life acceptable for what they use it for.

    I still have battery-priority, which I think is left over from my
    college days. The MacBook Air would cover my needs every time
    probably. Mac sleep and coming out of sleep is faster and more
    reliable than on the PC, and I would close the lid when not using it,
    which ends up extending the battery life a lot.

    I still have too many laptops. I don't use the MacBook as a laptop,
    so that doesn't count. It's permanently hooked up to my 24" monitor
    in portrait mode.

    I have a:

    Latitude D520
    ThinkPad T60
    ThinkPad X61

    I have thought about selling the Latitude D520, but it's the one I use
    the most. The 15" display is nice, and I have two modular batteries,
    and I have over 2 years left of a complete care warranty. I'd sell it
    for $700 on Craig's List and it's in perfect condition.

    I love the ThinkPad X61, but it's the most practical one to sell. I
    bought an extra battery for it, so I'd probably sell it for $900 which
    is a steal because it has the 7300 Core 2 Duo w 4M cache and 120GB
    hard drive. I think it has over 2 years left on its warranty

    The ThinkPad T60 is nice. I like the pointy stick. It has XP on it
    Solid, but only 1 year left on the warranty.

    And yes -- I guess advice is what I am looking for, but it's a
    personal preference so only I can decide. It's also a shameless
    attempt to get someone here to buy it, but motivated only because of
    the good prices. I always price to sell. I could sell any of these
    on Craig's List easily.

    Three laptops is just too much. One of them ends up unused.
    Journey, Mar 5, 2008
  5. Journey

    Journey Guest

    The Samsung does have a headphone out, so that means it should be
    controllable from the TV volume control right? I have a single output
    to 5.1 converter (only about $5) that works well. It wouldn't be true
    surround sound or anything but I don't care. At night I want to turn
    down the loud parts of movies to not disturb neighbors.
    Journey, Mar 5, 2008
  6. I have had extensive experience with buying TVs from Best Buy
    over the last decade but only one need for repair/return.

    An RCA 27" I purchased two summers ago turned out to be bad out
    of the box. First tried the local (exclusive under the RCA
    empire) dealer responsible for warranty service. They didn't
    offer in-house service. "Ya gotta bring it into us." On the #9
    Metrobus? Fat chance! Called the Best Buy store I bought it
    from. They scheduled a guy to come out on my only day off. He
    confirmed a serious infant failure in the video part of the
    system, and said he could either replace the errant part(s), or
    that I could return the TV for exchange/credit. Went the latter
    route, got the same model and it has performed flawlessly.

    Computers I buy from Dell. But for peripherals, etc., that I
    want to see and get my hands on (or cannot wait even two days for
    UPS delivery from an online vendor), Best Buy has served me well.

    An old-time, customer satisfaction, philosophy on
    returns/exchange has served them well in both our cases. I'm
    happy with my original selection as exchanged, you took the
    opportunity to trade-up, as it were, spending some extra bucks
    with BB, and seem to be equally happy with your outcome. Now
    back in retail after a forty-mumble year hiatus, I see that the
    old saw that "A happy customer is a return customer" is still
    valid. Unfortunately, a lot of big retailers never learned it or
    don't believe in it.
    Ogden Johnson III, Mar 5, 2008
  7. Journey

    Journey Guest

    It was just delivered. I have to wait for 4 hours until I use it
    because it came out of the cold.

    I read the reviews on the TV and am confident that I made the right
    choice. I was able to take down the swivel stand that I had bought
    because the stand for the TV itself swivels.

    I don't like reflective plastic around the screen but the screen
    itself has had high ratings for not being reflective.

    Some things I am happy about that my Westinghouse didn't have:

    1) Some side-mounted ports.

    2) Headphone jack!!! (useful because I use PC 5.1 speakers, and now
    I can control the volume)

    3) Dual antennas -- Air and Cable. The Westinghouse was either-or,
    making local HD channels impractical. Now I can watch both which is
    good because I eliminated the HD tier from my cable programming.

    4) PC audio in

    Those are the things that I didn't know were important to me until I
    had experience with the Westinghouse, and I had workarounds for 2) and
    4) that were manual.

    I prefer the look of the Westinghouse which didn't have reflective
    surfaces on the sides of the screen. I don't notice much difference
    between 42" and 46", but I won't be able to use the TV for several
    hours. It might make using it as a PC monitor a little better.

    The dunderheads that delivered it had cut the whole top of the box off
    making it less useful if I ever need to send it in for repairs after
    my 4 year service agreement runs out.

    I'm so happy that Best Buy gave me full credit for a TV I bought last
    Journey, Mar 6, 2008
  8. Journey

    Journey Guest

    I may be a pain, but I called Best Buy and said that I would like a
    box in case I ever need to ship the computer in the future.

    A manager said "if a box becomes available, I'll contact you".

    I asked him to keep this on his tasklist, and keep me updated, even if
    he doesn't find a box right away.

    With things like this, managers can forget, they don't care, or if
    they don't have a box right away they can scratch it off their task
    list (if they even have one). They might be more involved in day to
    day immediate demands on them.

    I also make sure that I get a name. He wouldn't give me his last name
    but said he's "John, the digital camera manager". At first he said
    "John" so I asked for more info. because John is a pretty common name!

    This is a good thing to follow even when calling Dell support or any
    kind of contact. Write down the time, name of Dell employee, what was
    discussed, and what the next steps are.
    Journey, Mar 6, 2008
  9. Journey

    Journey Guest

    Since I've posted about it I might as well conclude with what my
    impression of the TV is and do a short comparison with the

    The features such as headphone out, separate tuners for air and cable,
    and a few other things are very useful. With headphone out I can
    connect to my quality Dell 5.1 speakers from maybe 5 years ago. I
    don't get true surround sound but finally I can control the volume
    without leaving my chair which is a big improvement because I can turn
    the volume down in loud parts to not disturb neighbors esp. at night.

    The Westinghouse had a much better menu system. The Westinghouse
    remote allowed for going directly to all the sources. With the
    Samsung you have to press source and then cycle through them. The
    Westinghouse automatically detected when a new source turned on, and
    would switch to it. The Westinghouse had faster menus.

    The Westinghouse had easier setup. Samsung looks like it is very
    flexible, but I preferred being able to select from several different
    video setups.

    It may be that I am not yet used to the Samsung, but with it I need to
    read the manual. With the Westinghouse everything was intuitive.

    From watching standard TV shows, I think the Westinghouse had
    upconversion of those so they looked better.

    Apple TV connected to HDMI reset itself 3 times, but not when used
    with component video. With technology, it seems like IT's ALWAYS
    SOMETHING and there are some things it's just best to live with.

    Picture quality is better on the Samsung, and it has a backlight
    setting which I like that makes me wonder if it's a different
    technology LCD.

    If the Wesinghouse worked, I would consider it the best value, however
    there were so many complaints when I looked into it, that they don't
    have a lot of things ironed out.

    The Samsung is the best value for a higher end LCD HDTV.

    I like Apple TV but it lacks HD content. Watching the Podcasts are
    great, and photos and music can sync automatically from iTunes on a PC
    to Apple TV which is great.
    Journey, Mar 6, 2008
  10. Journey

    Journey Guest

    I've had some time with the Samsung, and 46" does make a difference.
    I've also learned to adjust the picture. Westinghouse had a better
    menu system, but the Samsung is a much better TV.
    Journey, Mar 7, 2008
  11. Journey

    Journey Guest

    FINAL UPDATE (I Promise !!!)

    The Samsung is an amazing TV. The SRS sound is unbelievable. I am
    more used to the controls.


    By the way, a decent set of 5.1 speakers from about 5 years ago works
    great. The volume can go very high, and the sound is much better than
    at a movie theatre.

    With Apple TV (if they get more content) it's like having a movie
    theater in my home.

    Last post on this off-topic subject. Maybe my Odyssey to get the
    right HDTV will help someone else.

    Also, I am glad that I upgraded to 46". I recommend that anyone get
    the largest TV you can afford that will fit your room.
    Journey, Mar 7, 2008
  12. Journey

    WSZsr Guest

    I've read that the PQ is not good - certainly not close to HD.

    WSZsr, Mar 8, 2008
  13. Journey

    Journey Guest

    The PQ is excellent, and it's gotten good user reviews. It was also
    apparent in the store, and it's much better than Westinghouse. I
    watched some HD movies on it and it's definitely HD.

    If you could post a reference to what you read, I'd much appreciate it
    because the experience of me and the user reviews say otherwise.
    Journey, Mar 8, 2008
  14. Journey

    Journey Guest

    I really am interested in knowing where you got that impression. I
    was (and still am) excited and it doesn't feel good when someone tries
    to "pop my bubble". Your comment doesn't add information unless it's
    backed up, and it's contrary to my experience and all sorts of
    reviews. I hope you are more responsible in the future or can provide
    information to back up what you say. "I've read that ...", OK where,
    and are you sure it's the TV we are talking about because it's an
    awesome TV, and I won't let you pop my bubble with what I consider an
    insensitive statement that's not backed up by facts.
    Journey, Mar 8, 2008
  15. Journey

    WSZsr Guest

    Don't get too excited or you'll pop more than your bubble. I was not
    talking about the TV. I was referring to reviews I had read on Apple TV.
    WSZsr, Mar 8, 2008
  16. Journey

    WSZsr Guest

    Now you are getting carried away! Better see your doctor for a change in
    WSZsr, Mar 8, 2008
  17. Journey

    Journey Guest

    OK, I need to apologize here. On the net with text, things can get
    mixed up. I am relieved to say that you were talking about Apple TV
    because the TV is probably the last major expense I'll make this year.

    I am very sorry.
    Journey, Mar 8, 2008
  18. Journey

    RnR Guest

    I read on the net some time ago about a rule of thumb for sizing the
    tv in a room. I think it had to do with the distance you sit from the
    tv. I don't remember where I read it (web site) so it probably has
    to be Google'd.
    RnR, Mar 8, 2008
  19. Journey

    Journey Guest

    Again, my apologies. I will overlook the meds statement. Your post
    seemed to be talking about the TV, not Apple TV.

    By the way, the HD movies from Apple TV 2.0, ARE very good HD movies.
    Maybe what you read was from the first Apple TV.

    I think I did get carried away and for that I apologize.

    Kumbaya :) <handshake>
    Journey, Mar 8, 2008
  20. Journey

    WSZsr Guest

    Apology accepted!

    WSZsr, Mar 9, 2008
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