OT: PartionMagic problem after merging two partions

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Bob Pownall, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. Bob Pownall

    Bob Pownall Guest

    This is off-topic, but the problem *is* on a Dell Inspiron 8500 with
    Windows XP Pro...

    Summary: I used PartionMagic to merge two partions. Now I have a folder
    that I can't delete.

    A while back, I used PartionMagic 8.0 to create three partions on my
    60Gb hard drive. (It seemed like a good idea at the time...) I
    recently decided there was no real point for one of the partions (the
    second one), so I merged the first (C:) and second (E:) partions.

    All the files and folders that were on the E: drive were moved to a
    folder on the C: drive, as advertised.

    I've moved everything I care about out of that folder and now I want to
    delete it. However, when I try to delete the folder, I get the error:
    "Cannot delete System Volume Information: Access is denied"

    When I go into the folder and then select "Folder Options -> View" and
    uncheck "Hide protected operating system files", I see that there are
    two hidden subfolders - "RECYCLER" and the above-mentioned "System
    Volume Information".

    I've tried several things in terms of setting the user names and
    permissions for the folder, but I haven't hit on the right combination.

    Any suggestions?

    The top-level folder doesn't take up that much space, I'd just like to
    keep things as cleaned-up as possible. In retrospect, I'd have done
    things differently with PartionMagic, probably delete or move everything
    that was on the E: drive, and then reallocate the empty space, but what
    I did seemed reasonable at the time.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Bob Pownall
    Bob Pownall, Aug 28, 2004
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