OT: Way to Run Word 2003 and Word 2007 on same PC

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Journey, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Journey

    Journey Guest

    With the performance problems of Office 2007 on legacy hardware and
    the changes to the interface that many users don't like, it becomes
    more important to be able to run Office 2007 and Office 2003 on the
    same computer.

    Here is a blog entry that shows that you can do it and talks about the
    very few issues involved:


    I had discovered those things on my own, but there was a remaining
    issue when going back and forth between Word 2003 and Word 2007 on the
    same system. When switching from one to the other, every time a
    installer or configuration dialog box would come up causing a delay in
    the ability to switch. I also didn't know if doing that would cause
    any harm to the registry or any configuration files.

    Well, happily there is a simple solution:


    As the article says, just paste the following into a Run dialog box
    and wallah -- problem fixed!

    reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Word\Options /v NoReReg /t
    REG_DWORD /d 1

    It would be nice if MS would provide this kind of information or make
    it so this isn't needed. Given that it's an easy fix MS may have had
    financial reasons to make it harder to do this.

    Anyway, that's an easy fix for a common and irritating problem.
    Journey, Aug 4, 2007
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