OT: What do you guys use for boot management? Partition management?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Andrew Hamilton, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. I know this is OT for this group, but I figure that guys who know how
    to build their own PCs are a pretty smart group, and I'm hoping that
    some of you guys can help me here.

    I'm looking for a boot manager that allows me to have multiples OS
    partitions on my C drive, but with the inactive partitions hidden, and
    an easy way to select the OS to boot when you turn on your system.

    So, in early 2008 I bought System Commander 9, but never installed
    it. Finally this weekend I installed it so I could have multiple OS's
    installed, including Win XP, Windows 7, and maybe Linux. But I wanted
    to have each install go into its own partition, and I wanted the
    inactive OS partitions to be hidden. That was the promise of System
    Commander, but the reality is that it has a poorly designed, confusing
    interface. And, it doesn't even do a good job of enabling you to do
    clean installs of Windows in more than one partition.

    The company no longer sells this product, and I'm not surprised. I
    would never touch anything else made by this company, Avanquest. Of
    course, I can't get my money back because I bought this over a year

    A google search came up with Acronis Disk Director 10 and several
    other products. Disk Director 10 sounds like it would do everything I
    need, but then I read the reviews on Amazon. All over the place! Some
    people love the product, others absolutely hated it. I also checked
    out the reviews at newgg, and they weren't as bad as on amazon, but
    there were enough people who also hated the product. I would like to
    buy this product, but now I'm scared to.

    The problem with user reviews is that you have no way to know if the
    person writing the review knows what the heck they are talking about,
    and boot management is certainly not for newbies.

    Also, what do you guys use for partition management. Somehow I
    deleted one of my partitions with all my music files, and I need to
    restore it, because all the files on that partition were not backed

    Andrew Hamilton, Jul 20, 2009
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  2. I'm not trying to hide data from the federal government or anyone
    else. I'm trying to hide one Windows installation from another so
    that the farshluggineh Windows naming conventions.

    Understandable. I don't think that the gummnt has a backdoor to PGP,
    which is why they once tried to put Phil Zimmerman in jail.
    If you really, really want to hide data, then take it offline. Next
    best is something protected by a very, very, very long crypto key.

    Andrew Hamilton, Jul 21, 2009
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  3. Andrew Hamilton

    Wookie Guest

    Easy BCD for boot manager. It's good, easy to use and free.
    Wookie, Jul 22, 2009
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