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Outputting analog value to a CANopen device

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by roth, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. roth

    roth Guest


    Im presently writing the CANopen library for master.Im new to the
    field.I have some problem in outputting an analog(12 bit,0-20ma) value
    to an CANopen device(PLC).I'll explain briefly the proceedure im
    adopting to output the value,please let me know where im going wrong.

    1)Im using the TxPDO2(0x281) and RxPDO2(0x301) for transmitting and
    receiving the analog values respectively.Im not mapping the
    PDO's,since TxPDO2 and RxPDO2 is by default mapped to analog i/p and
    o/p respectively.

    2)Im enabling the Global analog interrupt(OI 6423).

    3)Im incresing the inhibit time to avoid bus loading due to the
    enabling of Global analog interrupt.

    4)Im storing the changed values by writing ASCII value 'SAVE'into OI
    1010,SI 1.

    5)Now im reading the analog input into buffer[0] and buffer[1].

    6)Im redirecting this value to the output without making any changes
    to the values.

    Im not able to read the analog output.Im not able to figure it out
    where im going wrong.Please enlighten me in this regard.

    roth, Oct 25, 2004
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