Overclocking Athlon64

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by red_nose, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. red_nose

    red_nose Guest

    I was reading a review of the Aopen AK86-L Via motherboard and the guy


    "By dropping multipliers in the BIOS, we were able to reach FSB
    settings as high as 252. It appears that the AGP/PCI is ratio
    controlled and that it again drops to 33/66 at a setting of 234. This
    means the 252 is a PCI/AGP overclock of about 19 which is in-line with
    the maximum overclock our picky ATI 9800 can handle. This is not a
    working PCI lock as we have seen on Intel chipsets; it is a
    ratio-driven PCI/AGP frequency similar to the one we first saw on the
    Abit K8T800 motherboard."

    Sounds to me like he's saying at FSB: 234mhz you get the correct
    PCI/AGP frequencies.

    10 x 234 seems to be more than the athlon64's can handle, but you can
    drop the multiplier below 10, and at 9 x 234 = 2106 which seems to be
    something they can handle.

    It also looks like the athlon64 2800 (1.8Ghz) with a multiplier of 9
    would work out well with this motherboard at this FSB.

    Unfortunately, they tested the motherboard with the BH5 chip ram
    that's almost unavailable anymore, so one wonders what working ram
    you're supposed to put in the damn thing ;)

    Anyone playing around with this stuff ?

    By the way, ram prices have been rising. Suggests the computer
    vendors are building computers (939 ?), or buying the memory now.
    red_nose, Apr 9, 2004
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