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Overclocking MSI--GF4-MX440

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Ifrag.v2, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Ifrag.v2

    Ifrag.v2 Guest

    Ok, I know this card isn't great due to lack of vertex shaders but I'm o/cin
    anyway. The MSI Clock had section had an "auto-adjust" for memory clock which
    it determined could be set to 689 mhz (I guess it has some kind of stability
    checking, it changed the screen resoultion back and forth with a test pattern,
    etc). My Core clock is only at 275 mhz. Is there benefit of having memory
    clock so high when core is so much lower? Should I raise the core clock up,
    and since it has no "auto-adjust" feature there, what would be a reasonable
    setting. I have 4 extra 80mm fans installed, case temperature hovers basically
    at 90 F.
    Ifrag.v2, Jul 13, 2003
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  2. Ifrag.v2

    Ron Merts Guest

    Start raising the core speed in 10Mhz increments and run some tests. When
    you start getting artifacts, bad pixels or lockups, drop it back down by
    5Mhz until it's stable. If you drop on something like a Thermaltake Crystal
    Orb active heatsink and fan you can probably push it up to around
    340-360Mhz; with the stock heatsink you are probably limited to around
    320-330Mhz or so. It's also going to depens on what kind of case cooling
    you have going on. If you have a side-panel fan above the video card/CPU
    then you will probably get another 5-10Mhz out of it with the stock heatsink
    only (above the 320-330Mhz). I's probably set the memory at around 685Mhz
    and then start my core o/c'ing.

    Ron Merts, Jul 14, 2003
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